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6 Common TikTok Marketing Errors and How to Avoid Them

TikTok is an excellent marketing tool that requires a very different strategy from all other social media. The recipe for success with TikTok views requires you to do things differently than other apps. 

TikTok has 800 million users and is the fastest-growing social app. Users spend hours daily scrolling. With the audience and time spent on the app, there is plenty of opportunities for your business to go viral.

Below we’ve listed six TikTok marketing errors that might be the cause of plateaued growth.

1. Ignoring a Niche

This is a common business mistake that doesn’t only apply to TikTok. Businesses that cater to “everybody” cater to nobody. Find a specific demographic of people who can relate to your content.

In the initial posts, you might be in the discovery phase. This means post a variety of video subjects in relation to your business. Once you find one that does really well, continue addressing that demographic’s pain point. 

Do know that the majority of TikTok users are between the ages of 16-24. Many users though are 24+

2. Being Aspirational

Aspirational videos are for Instagram, YouTube, and TV. TikTok is where people go to find relatable content. Your TikTok videos need to make people laugh.

When people find a video relatable that is when they start tagging friends who also relate in the comments. That is when they click the share button because they know so many people in their own circle can relate. 

3. Ignoring Trends

Whenever there is a trend, make sure you hop on early. The trend can be anything from using an effect to a hashtag or new feature. TikTok trends pop up each day.

Just make sure to create a your own version of a trend and make sure it is relatable for your niche.

4. Neglecting Quality

TikTok videos might be short and messy but don’t assume that means they require zero effort. As you grow, you will find videos that take one minute to film will blow up just as much as ones you’ve put effort into.

However, if you’re new to TikTok, things like lighting, subject focus, creative edits, and smooth transitions matter. 

5. Recycling

Recycling content across platforms works well with TikTok. You can share your TikTok content on Instagram Reels. But TikTok users will take notice and be dissatisfied if you re-post the same video within the TikTok app itself.

6. Avoiding Collaboration

Many people leave the social out of social media. Even on TikTok, there are creative ways to collaborate. There Stitch feature allows you to connect your video to another user. You can also reply to comments with videos.

Engage with the community and they will engage with you.

Avoid These TikTok Marketing Errors

Avoid these 6 TikTok marketing errors and your videos will bloom. The creator of TikTok said the app should remind people of the original thrill of social media- the ability to go viral.

Don’t be afraid to share something, you never know what will do really well. For more tips, continue reading our blog!