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Top 7 Tips to Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

It’s time to face facts:

There’s no point generating huge numbers of leads if none of them ever convert. After all, no conversions mean no revenue. And no revenue means no business!

To put it another way, the success of any operation hinges on its lead conversion rate (CR). Find a way to boost CR, then, and your business is far more likely to flourish over time. Thankfully, the process of skyrocketing your CR could be easier than you think.

Heck, adding one simple video to your landing pages could see it increase as much as 80%.

Want some more simple strategies to send your CR to new heights? Well, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for our top tips on converting leads with newfound effectiveness.

1. Understand Your Audience

Audience understanding is a key first step to winning in business. For one thing, it helps you create products that they’ll actually want/need and design marketing campaigns that generate leads.

But it also gives you an appreciation of what your audience wants to see and hear from you at any given time. You can orient your interactions in line with their interests and desires to give yourself the best shot at converting.

Of course, another element to this is realizing where your leads are in the buying cycle. If you know that, then you have an even clearer idea of what you have to do (and when) to move them along the road to converting.

2. Look After Your Leads

Lead nurturing is all-important in your bid for a better CR. In essence, you’re trying to provide value in order to build trust before making your ask. It’s about taking action to turn someone with a vague interest in your product/service into someone who can’t wait to make a purchase!

Using a piece of marketing automation software will be a mighty help in this regard. You’ll be able to cultivate the relationship on autopilot, track the progress of leads through your funnel, and take appropriate action thereafter.

3. Give Your Sales Team a Chance

Sales teams often take the flack when it comes to poor CRs. However, a significant portion of the blame can almost always be brought back to the marketing team too!

Why? Because even the best salespeople in the world struggle to convert unqualified and uninterested leads. In other words, the leads that end up at the sales team’s door must be ready to be sold to.

You can never expect a good CR if they’re still cold. Thankfully, companies such as WebSuitable can create marketing campaigns that increase the quality of leads from the outset. Manage that and you’re sure to get better results down the line.

4. Go Above and Beyond

Treat the process of turning leads into sales like wooing someone you want to take on a date. And no, we don’t mean buying them flowers or offering flirty felicitations at every opportunity!

Instead, we want you to go out of your way to impress, attract, and please them. This often comes down to providing value. Make it your mission to be an invaluable part of these peoples’ lives.

The way to do this depends on your particular business and audience. But everything from sending useful resources and recommendations to providing freebies and access opportunities can make a difference. All told, asking what you can do for them (as opposed to the other way round) will pay off in terms of conversions.

5. Get Personal

Another core strategy for boosting CR is personalizing your marketing efforts. Companies in 2020 must move away from generic correspondence with their audience. Any of your contact with leads (not to mention your current customers) should be personal in nature.

Now, personalization takes on different forms. From using their first name in emails to making suggestions based on their prior engagements (like Netflix and YouTube do with their recommendations), though, it’s all about putting the lead first.

Making everything about them helps to build that vital trust and develop the relationship between business and consumer. The result? Conversion rates get a natural boost.

6. Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Imagine a scenario where you’ve worked hard to generate and warm up a lead. You’ve had numerous interactions, swapped emails, and developed a relationship. But then, out of nowhere, you stop hearing from them.

Instead of treating them as a lost cause, you should follow up with them a short time later. Re-introduce yourself, remind them of your previous contact, and see if there’s any way you can still be of service. There’s a chance they’ll respond to your prompt and you can pick up where you left off.

Following up with leads is crucial at earlier stages too. Whether you’ve met someone at a networking event, tradeshow, or by sheer chance, sending them a follow-up email can get the ball rolling and end up with a conversion.

7. Speed Up the Follow Up

Following up with leads isn’t enough though. The time it takes you to do it comes into play too. After all, nobody likes waiting around, right?

That’s why it’s so important to respond to potential leads ASAP. Waiting too long to respond to their email inquiries and voice messages is a recipe for trouble. They might have looked elsewhere in the interim and gone to one of your competitors.

A prompt response removes that possibility and endears you to would-be consumers at the same time. They’ll appreciate (and be impressed by) your expedience, which boosts the likelihood of conversion.

Time to Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

Generating huge numbers of leads is always good for business. However, the positive impact they have on it will be negligible if your conversion rate doesn’t match up.

We hope the tips in this post will help in that regard! Keep them in mind and you should see your lead conversion rate start to climb in no time.

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