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The Importance of Video Surveillance Equipment for Small Business

In 2018, the average shoplifting loss per incident was $559.

You may have a well-staffed office, but do you have enough surveillance to prevent hundreds or thousands of dollars of loss to your company?

There are many reasons to invest in video surveillance equipment for your workspace. Here are some of the most important.

1. Theft Prevention

Merchandise, cash, or information can disappear from your place of business in a moment. 

If you suspect a customer or employee of theft, it is much easier to accuse and prosecute them with video evidence. 

Cameras can help police with an investigation, record acts of theft, and act as a crime deterrent to those who walk through your doors.

While you may have made some allowances for petty theft, a combination of shoplifting, burglaries, employee crimes, and false alarms can devastate your business.

A camera can keep track of those entering and leaving your place of work. It will save you money that you would have had to spend on personnel surveillance of sensitive spaces. 

Cameras placed at strategic points throughout your business place can keep you financially strong.

2. Employee Protection

Cameras can help with employee protection in many ways. 

They can help keep your parking lot safe, and record instances of violence or sexual harassment. Your employees may be more likely to report any criminal activity they see if they can prove it through video evidence.

With video surveillance, you will be able to stop workplace violence, sexual harassment, or criminal activity before it happens. 

Video cameras can record any individuals that aren’t following safety rules. It can also detect any equipment that needs repair, or any damage on your grounds.

3. Increased Productivity

Cameras can help you increase employee activity when you are not in the area. In the past, managers have discovered employees taking frequent breaks, texting while working, or giving away free merchandise to friends.

Some have also discovered that they are overstaffed, and have been able to streamline their hiring decisions to make businesses more efficient. Management can spend time attending to important business affairs, rather than checking on employees to make sure they are working.

4. Lawsuit Protection

Many companies have paid millions of dollars in settlements to employees who have made false claims of on-the-job-injuries. Cameras can help you look at actual footage of the places and times that incidents supposedly occurred. If an employee forces or fakes an incident to get money, you may be able to prove it.

You can also protect your business against false sexual harassment claims with video evidence.

5. Insurance Premiums 

You may be able to lower your business’s insurance premiums with video surveillance equipment. This is because it is a big deterrent to crime, and will reduce theft and property loss.

Where To Place Your Cameras

The front door, back door, and front window of your business are the right places to put your cameras.

81% of burglars enter through your first floor. You can put your camera above the door on a window frame so that it covers the area a few feet away from your front door.

Here, you will be able to get complete pictures of everyone’s faces as they walk through the front door. You may want to be able to have the camera facing inside so visibility will not be affected by changing light outside. If a customer or employee is suspected of foul play while they are in your building, you will be able to identify them easily.

Your camera at the front entrance should be clearly visible. This will make an excellent deterrent for anyone considering shoplifting or robbery.

You may also want a camera to guard your reception area. Here, it can get concealed with office decor. A camera can be placed in a clock, picture frame, doorknob, or smoke detector. 

There are, of course, legalities when it comes to when and where you may install video cameras. It is important to be aware of these before installing. You can learn more here. 

More Ideas

You will also want to place cameras where employees are working most of the day so you can keep an eye on their productivity. You will have a clear view of their work habits, behaviors, and any suspicious activity. These cameras will enable you to focus on your own tasks while keeping supervising efficiently.

Supply rooms where sensitive information gets stored are also good places to install cameras. You may find employees trying to access the information they are not privy to.

You will also want to monitor customer interaction points, especially in areas where there are monetary transactions. Cash registers, self-checkouts, and teller stations should all get monitored.

Be sure that cameras are not placed too high. You will want to see folks’ faces and not just the tops of their heads. 

Warehouses are also common places for theft. Security cameras can get placed both inside and outside.

You can place security cameras on loading docks in order to help avoid false workman’s compensation claims. You will also want to monitor back alleys, dumpsters, and parking lots. These places are notorious for incidents of violence and sexual harassment.

Video Surveillance Equipment

Video surveillance equipment is essential for keeping your workplace safe. If you want to protect your business against theft, lawsuits, and employee harassment, it is essential to monitor your space. Video cameras will also lower your insurance premiums and improve your company’s productivity.

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