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Most Common Oil Rig Injuries

There were approximately 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries that occurred in 2019— many of which were oil rig injuries. Oil rigs are some of the most dangerous working environments in any industry. The incidents that occur at sea can permanently damage workers for the rest of their lives. 

If you are interested in learning more about the most common oil rig injuries in the US, continue reading the content below.

Spinal Injuries

Maritime workers work in hazardous environments that put them in danger of experiencing spinal cord trauma. When a forceful explosion bursts out of a pipe or well, many times it’s strong enough to knock a person off of their feet.

In those types of situations, it could permanently damage the employee’s spine. Spinal cord injuries are medical emergencies that must be handled quickly in order to avoid paralysis. When there is damage to the nerves, muscles, and spinal column around the vertebrae, it could easily lead to a permanent disability.

Also, when a person experiences a spinal cord injury, it’s challenging for the brain to transport signals to the rest of the body. Because of this, injury victims have issues with motor control and other bodily functions. 

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for individuals to bounce back from spinal trauma because it takes such a toll on them, and the spinal cord is such a delicate part of the body.

Most of the time, the damage is irreversible and the worker has to live with their injuries for the rest of their life. It leads to never-ending medical expenses and constant care.

Burn Injuries

Another one of the most common oil rig injuries in the world are burn injuries. A fire or explosion can happen due to a mistake that’s triggered by faulty equipment or corroded electrical materials. Oil rigs are known for experiencing explosions and extreme fires.

A chemical spill or exposed power line can easily lead to a hazardous fire. This type of environment inevitably puts oil rig workers in harm’s way. 

There are also weather conditions that could contribute to fires, such as stormy weather with large lightning bolts that hit the rig. When the maritime workers are out at sea, there is limited time for them to escape to safety.  That means many of them succumb to the danger they are facing. 

When oil rig workers experience burns, it normally means they are fully covered in severe burns or lose a limb. In severe situations, burns could cause charring, which sears the person’s tissue all the way to the bone. 

Those types of injuries lead to infections, amputation, gangrene, and skin cancer. It takes burn victims months to heal, and they usually need extensive physical therapy to recover.

Brain Injuries

Another serious oil rig injury is a brain injury. This type of accident generally occurs as a result of an oil rig explosion. The brain is the main organ that helps the rest of the body function.

Even a minor brain injury can completely shut down a person’s ability to do daily activities. Rig workers are exposed to brain injuries because of falling debris, oxygen deprivation due to smoke inhalation, or getting knocked down by forceful pressure. 

Whether or not a person experiences an open or closed head injury, the results are traumatic.

Symptoms of brain injuries include seizures, dizziness, concussions, and changes in behavior. Sadly, brain damage is irreversible and many workers never get the same quality of life back after their injury.


Many oil rig injuries—like dismemberment—are brutal. This type of injury occurs when a worker’s limbs tear off or are cut from their body. This usually happens by force or a heavy object falling on them. 

It also occurs when their body pulls in opposite directions.  When explosions take place on oil rigs, some workers get trapped under equipment, which causes their limbs to rip. 

Unfortunately, accidents that are this gruesome generally result in death.

Crush Injuries

When the body is exposed to a high degree of forceful pressure, crush injuries occur. These types of oil rig injuries generally happen when employees are struck by falling objects or become wedged between heavy equipment.

While out to sea, there are numerous ways in which this type of injury could occur. For instance, if an explosion happens, numerous parts of a busted pipe could shoot out. 

That inevitably puts the workers in danger. When there are falling pieces of heavy metal and other equipment, it’ll sometimes hit the workers in the process.

Oil rig injuries are no joke. When maritime workers are fortunate enough to survive a brutal accident, their lives are turned upside down. If you’ve been hurt while at sea, contact an oil worker attorney

You never want to short-change yourself by not receiving the compensation you deserve. The injuries listed above create lasting effects that will likely require constant care. 

With experienced legal counsel on your side, you can get the proper settlement amount to sustain you for many years.

Get Compensated for Your Oil Rig Injuries

The list above clearly explains how severe oil rig injuries are. Individuals who choose to work in the oil industry put their lives on the line each day that they go to work. 

Thankfully, there are attorneys who work hard to ensure that maritime employees get compensated when they experience injuries. 

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