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Business Cloning: How RFID Can Protect the Security of Your Business

For all the time and energy businesses focus on cybersecurity most have failed to make the connection to physical safety. Just as small business owners need to protect against hacks, they also need to secure access to their locations. 

Since RFID are the cheapest and lowest energy sensors, many businesses have turned to the technology to aid security. RFID extends beyond toll plazas and product tags for retailers. 

But many business owners are unaware of the dangers of RFID. Unless you have the right system you may be a target for business cloning. 

What is cloning and how can you best protect against its threats? Here are the basics:

Business Cloning Poses a Big Risk 

RFID (or radio frequency identification) can be embedded in employee badges to allow access to office and commercial areas. Most people are familiar with the uses in key fobs and larger ID cards for office spaces. 

RFID has allowed business owners to limit access to certain spaces. You can keep network servers, lab spaces, offices, and secure locations safe with the technology,

But just like network hacking, RFID can also pose a risk. Criminals are using the technology to clone business information. 

This operation can steal valuable data. It can also act as a master key.

You may be more vulnerable to allowing intruders to your spaces with the same technology you invested in to protect you.  

Next Generation RFID

Before you abandon RFID altogether there is good news. The newest approaches and technology for simple RFID eliminates these risks. 

Your business can still use RFID to track inventory, employees, and keep physical spaces secure. But you do need to make sure you are updating your system infrastructure to protect against attacks. 

Advances in technology and the infrastructure of the RFID networks can protect your spaces that much better. You won’t just be investing in the security of your network, you’ll also be ensuring every bit of data is accurate. 

Encryption and Protection

What could be worse than a security breach that takes a copy of an RFID in almost no time at all? In these cases, hackers can clone your network and gain access to your most vulnerable areas. 

Hospitals, financial services, lab spaces, and construction professionals cannot afford to allow access to anyone. But without encryption RFID systems are extremely vulnerable. 

The good news is that encryption makes all the difference. Encryption makes cloning that much more difficult.

Unclonable Technology

A better step to ward off attacks with RFID is PUF’s. PUF’s (or physically unclonable functions) makes each RFID car unique. 

With a unique chip in each card, there is no way to copy the card. If a duplicate chip is sensed the system will not allow access. 

Improve Your Business With RFID

For any business owner with physical assets, RFID is a must. As long as you protect against business cloning with the latest technology you will reap the rewards. 

RFID will boost productivity by tracking payroll, locating assets, and providing a secure environment. But it isn’t the only technology to help you succeed. 

Come find out more ways to improve your business processes.