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7 Reasons Your Business Needs an Emergency Generator

Is your business prepared for the worst? Here are some reasons your business needs to invest in an emergency generator in case of a power outage.

Were you sealing the deal with a potential client when the electricity went out? Those circumstances could make or break your business.

Whether these are due to cuts on the power line, or damages incurred by storms and various calamities, businesses lose more than just power. Downtime means no work done.

In fact, about 98% of organizations lose $100,000 for one hour of downtime. To prevent these kinds of losses, you may as well consider having an emergency generator as part of your disaster plan.

While emerging markets have this kind of problem in a more frequent sense, these can still strike you when you are not prepared.

Whether your business is big or small, this comes with interest and concern. The following are reasons why you should consider getting a backup generator before these problems strike at your most vulnerable.

1. Maintaining Customer Contact

One of the main reasons why you should have an emergency generator available is to maintain customer contact in any situation. A great number of businesses rely on power to operate and work on the tasks at hand. With power being out of the picture, not having a backup generator can cause operations to cease.

With a backup generator, you can ensure customer contact in crucial times, like during a power loss or in a storm. Having a backup generator for business ensures that you maintain contact in various channels. Not only does it keep your business going, it also assures your customers that you are still available and within reach.

2. Security and Lighting Systems Remain Active

With businesses operating in facilities and buildings, having a backup generator allows you to ensure that you function normally. Lightning and even security systems stop to function otherwise. This leaves you vulnerable and your business at a loss.

This becomes a problem during night time, where staff productivity is not the only thing that suffers.

Keep the building operational with a backup generator. You can keep the necessary lighting systems running. You also allow the continued operation of CCTV and alarm systems to ensure your business’s security.

It is also imperative to have an emergency generator included in your disaster plan.

3. An Emergency Generator Prevents Data Loss

Most of the businesses operating today need the use of computers to handle data in digital form, with servers connecting various computers within the facility. A notable setback when using these systems for digitized information is during a sudden power loss.

Keep in mind that hurricanes hit the country 7 times every 4 years. This creates a lot of opportunities for power outages and data loss.

Without power, the computers will fail and lose the information inputted, if not saved and consolidated. This could lose your precious time and progress. To prevent this, having a generator in handy should ensure that you still have time to back up and save any unsaved information.

The last thing that you would want is for missing information that could lose your profits.

4. Reduces Business Downtime

Another thing to consider why you should get a backup generator for business is that it ensures that you keep your operations going. If your business involves the use of computers for digital information or appliances that allow you to craft your products. You need electricity to keep everything in working condition.

Downtime can be a needed moment to rest but it can also lose you customers and income to generate with. Having an emergency generator available allows you to continue working despite difficult situations.

This means you will be able to assist customers. Produce more products within work hours. Even process data despite the sudden power loss.

5. Retaining Connection

Maintaining communication lines is important for a business, as it can hinder you without it. Various communication systems rely on electricity to function. Like fax machines, computers, and even mobile devices need electricity. Without them, you won’t be able to send documents, emails, or even make the necessary calls.

By having a generator as part of your emergency preparedness plan, you can maintain your connection through these communication lines. It ensures that your customers, associates, and crucial contacts are able to hear and receive information from you.

6. Prevents Loss of Income

Power loss is a problem that affects a lot of businesses. Yet, while this is a hurdle that everyone encounters without moment’s notice, having an emergency generator prevents this problem. Without it, your business is as good as closed for that day.

With needed appliances and devices being out of your reach, your business becomes idle and unable to function. This can mean a loss in income as customers are unable to make business with you. You lose contact with customers through your communication channels. You also end up being unable to process the necessary data and even fulfill orders or requests for your product.

Whichever instance falls upon you when the power goes out, make sure that you have an emergency generator available to overcome these hurdles.

7. Easy Customization to Suit your Business

Businesses vary in size in terms of staff, facilities, and assets in use to operate without issue. Whether you use an office, a studio, a restaurant, or even a whole corporate building, you can choose which kind of generator is best used to suit your needs.

Whichever you choose for your business, there are various diesel generators available to suit your needs. This enables you to customize as needed. Plan and have your emergency preparedness plan come to life.

Get a Backup Generator Today!

The lack of power can be detrimental to many, especially to businesses. You operate as an office that processes information online. Or as a shop that crafts products that require appliances for crucial points in production.

Whichever business that is, you need a contingency plan to keep your operations going.

By getting an emergency generator, these problems are easily addressed as it gives you leeway to save progress and even continue with your progress. Consider getting one and have them integrated into your emergency preparedness plan.

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