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5 Workplace Safety Ideas Every Business Owner Should Implement

Did you know every seven seconds a worker’s injured at their workplace?

Are you wondering what workplace safety ideas to introduce to your team? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to improve safety at work.

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Make Employee Training a Priority

When you hire new employees, take the time to go over job safety with them. Give them enough time to train so they can feel confident in their new position.

You can also give your older employees a refresher course. You want to make sure your team is on the same page. Be as thorough as possible when discussing job responsibilities and safety tips.

Survey Your Worksite

Keep track of your machinery and equipment, so you know it’s working well. Do you need to get rid of any trip hazards? Is the storage site a safe spot? Make sure you check your work environment often.

What risks do your employees face at your worksite? Think of ways you can manage these risks so you can reduce danger at your business.

If you can’t remove the risk, make sure you take precautions to lessen any potential problems.

You want your employees to know they don’t have to rush through a job but instead take their time. You don’t want an accident to occur because they are hurrying.

Talk about Safety Often

Try and talk to your employees often about being safe in the workplace. Have a team meeting and ask your employees if they have observed any issues.

Invite them to share any ideas on how to improve the work environment. Let them know you are ready to hear their concerns, and you are open to their suggestions.

If you only talk about it once a year during a meeting, it might not make an impact. Instead, try and discuss safety often. Your employees will feel more comfortable about bringing up concerns they have.

By creating an open environment, employees will know that safety is a top priority. Your workplace culture will improve because people will value caution over recklessness.

Investigate Any Close Calls or Accidents

If a dangerous incident does occur at work, make sure you inspect the scene right away. Talk to employees who saw the accident. Go over any footage from your security cameras.

You want to try and understand why the accident occurred. This way, you can take steps to keep it from happening again.

Don’t hold off on an investigation. People will have a better recollection of what occurred if you ask them right away. Have a plan on how to file a worker’s comp claim as well. Explain this procedure to your assistant manager if you have one.

Explain the Reporting Procedure

If a co-worker shows up under the influence of drugs, your employees should know who to tell. This is why you want to try and teach your entire team to report a hazard to management right away.

Workers might worry about issues with co-workers if they report any dangerous conditions.

Let your team know that everything is confidential. Tell them retaliation won’t occur because they shared this information. Create an environment where your team can trust you.

Reward Your Employees

When you notice your team working in a safe manner, let them know how much you appreciate them. Those who follow safety policies make a difference in the workplace. Following proper procedures help reduce injuries on site.

You want to acknowledge this behavior and reward them. Have a pizza party or give them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

Learn New Workplace Safety Ideas from Occupational Therapists

You can gain invaluable insight into worksite injury prevention from local occupational therapists. Occupational therapists can visit your business and identify any high-risk areas.

Occupational and physical therapists can also create human performance evaluations. This will help you screen individuals for demanding roles.

Make Use of Signs and Labels

To communicate vital information, make sure you label machinery with clear instructions. You want to have pictures detailing hazards. These visual aids will help your employees work in a safe manner.

Keep Your Business Clean

A chaotic and messy workplace can cause your employees to have unnecessary accidents. If boxes topple over or something gets spilled, clean it up right away. Put away disorganized tools or untangle cords.

Ask your supervisor or assistant manager to inspect your worksite often.

Keep Your Files Organized

Make sure you know where all your certifications are on safety training. Have separate files for accidents, investigations, first-aid incidences, and near-miss events. Keep thorough written records of all these items.

Lead Your Team

As a manager or business owner, you should always wear the proper attire when going to a hazardous area. Your employees will watch and learn from you.

You want to set a good example by prioritizing safety measures. For example, don’t try to fix something if you’re unsure or not qualified. Read more about why you shouldn’t attempt to fix electrical problems.

If your team sees you ignoring safety requirements, they might start to as well.

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