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How Often Should You Have a Commercial Roof Inspection?

Are you wondering how often you should get a roof inspection on your business in a year? On average, the typical price range for a roof inspection is between $200-$700.

So how much would you need to be expecting to pay in that range? That depends on how many inspections you get done in a year. 

To find out how many inspections you need to have done on your roof each year continue reading on.

Roof Inspection on a New Building

It is recommended that you get at least two inspections done on your commercial roof. This is usually before storm season hits in the spring and fall.

The inspection may not bring up anything on a new building you have. It is still good to get one done, especially if an unexpected storm happens. Hail and strong wind can be damaging to a roof.

Inspection on a Old Building

With an old building it is the same recommendation, but it would be good if you get an inspection done.

Taking care of your roof is even more imperative when it is an old building. A lot of the materials on the roof have aged, and the weather most likely hasn’t been kind to it through the years.

Keeping up with commercial roof maintenance is important and makes repairs less stressful.

Roof Inspection Cost

As stated earlier roof inspections can cost around $200-$700. This is not expensive.

You could find a company who works within your budget if you need it to be within a certain amount.

Roof Repairs

After an inspection you might find yourself in need of roof repairs. Whether it is an old or new roof, it could be simple, but it is important that you take care of it as soon as it can be.

If you ignore getting repairs done, the damage could get worse. This goes the same way if you put off getting your roof inspected.

Eventually, problems that could have been caught and fixed right away grows bigger and get more costly. This could put your business losing a lot of money if it goes ignored.

With roof repairs you can even prevent a roof being torn off so your business can keep going.

Construction companies like can make that possible and also have roof coatings that are reasonably priced.

Keeping Records

Businesses get busy with everything that goes into them. It is best to keep records on the inspections so that it won’t be forgotten. This way you will know if you need to schedule an inspection or not.

Keeping records of your commercial roofing inspections is also a good way to know who did the inspection last. That way you can hire them again instead of going with a new one that hasn’t done your business’s roof before.

Get Your Roof Inspection

Getting your roof inspected can mean being ahead of the game and fixing problems before they get bigger. Keep this in mind when you go to schedule your roof inspection.

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