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Selling on Amazon for Beginners: This is What You Need to Understand

Amazon marketplace has 8,088,291 total sellers worldwide, though only 2,930,022 are active sellers with current inventory. Still, almost 3 million sellers are nothing to laugh about!

Selling your products on Amazon will allow you to reach a vast audience of consumers. Before you start, however, it can help to know the ropes. 

Learn all about selling on Amazon for beginners with our guide to success!

With these tips, you can learn how to sell on Amazon as a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business! Get started with these easy tips. 

1. Create a Business Plan

Before you start using these tips for selling on Amazon for beginners, create a plan for yourself. That way, you can make sure you don’t miss any essential steps. For example, draft a:

  • Business mission
  • Market analysis
  • List of products
  • Marketing, sales, and financial plan

When you research the market, make sure to evaluate current trends. Don’t forget to take a look at your competitors. Explore their current strategy and how you can improve it for your own business. 

Creating a rough plan for your marketing and promotions will help you expand your reach. Then, you can attract more buyers and boost sales.

2. Find Your Niche

To sell on Amazon FBA, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. First, find a profitable niche for yourself. Use your market research to find a relevant trend.

Then, determine a competitive product that matches your passion or interests. 

Learn everything you can about the product. What emotional impact or practical value does it have to customers? How can you improve visibility, recognition, and brand awareness?

Find a single selling point. Determine your unique value so you can stand out from the rest.

Try to avoid seasonal or fragile products. 

3. Identify Suppliers

Once you know your niche, start looking for your product supplier. You can use a B2B platform such as Alibaba or AliExpress. Make a list of potential suppliers and write down their contact and background information. 

You can also attend trade shows to find suppliers.

Contact a few of the suppliers on your list. Try to avoid scammers. During your research:

  • Try to sample the product to determine quality
  • Determine the price
  • Note the minimum order quantity
  • Determine the order limit
  • Check the shipping charges

Then, start narrowing down the options to find the one that best suits you.

4. Place Orders

Once you’ve chosen a supplier, you’re good to place your first order.

Don’t feel the need to place a huge order from the get-go. Instead, place a small order to test the market. Use this as a chance to get feedback from your customers.

Complete a product quality inspection when you place the order, too. 

5. Register Your Account

Now to put these selling on Amazon for beginners tips to the test. Register your seller account, either as an individual seller or pro seller.

Then, create product listings to add your product onto Amazon’s platform. Make sure to use high-quality, clear images. 23% of consumers check Amazon for inspiration, so make sure your listings stand out.

Make sure to manage your inventory. As orders are placed, your inventory will decrease. Keep track of your inventory before you run out of stock.

Check out these amazon account management services to take some of the work off your shoulders.

6. Follow Up on Reviews

Once customers start buying, don’t forget to follow up on their feedback. Let them know you’re there to help. Customer reviews will strengthen your brand and make you appear credible and trustworthy.

Selling on Amazon for Beginners: 6 Steps for Success

Ready to start selling? With these six tips for selling on Amazon for beginners, you can achieve business success in no time!

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