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8 Fashionable Tips For Starting Up a Clothing Store For Kids

Do you dream of owning your own kid’s clothing store?  

Selling children’s clothing can be a fun and profitable business if you go about it in the right way. You want to open a store sells quality kids clothing brands and is fun to experience. 

This article will teach you 8 tips for starting your own kid’s clothing store. 

1. Variety is Key

Children’s taste in clothes is as varied as their personalities. 

You want to offer clothing that will be appealing to all kid’s style. Don’t get trapped into offering only basic items and colors. 

As society adapts to a more accepting political climate, gender norms are starting to disappear. It’s not more acceptable for young boys to dress in traditionally “girly” clothes and for girls to unleash their inner tomboys. 

You want to stock your store with enough variety so that kids can express themselves. Instead of having a boy and girl section, just sort clothes by color or size. 

2. Build an Online Presence

While most kids don’t start using social media until their teen years, their parents do.

If you want your clothing store to succeed, you’ll need to build an online presence. Start social media profiles for your store. Be sure to post regularly to update your customers on store hours, promotions, and deals. 

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your company. Once you get popular on social media, people will start pouring in. 

Encourage customers to leave reviews on social media and Yelp. You want to get a reputation of being a well-liked store quickly. There are many people who won’t even visit a business without checking reviews about them online. Offer people discounts in exchange for reviews at first while you get momentum. Eventually, people will start leaving reviews anyway because your store will just be that awesome.

3. Make the Store Kid-Friendly

If you want your clothing store to seem welcoming to children, you’ll need to make it kid-friendly.

Have a section where kids can sit and play with toys while their parents shop for them. Offer a selection of kid-friendly snacks like chips and cookies. 

You want children to think of your store as a fun place to go, rather than a chore. This will cause them to beg their parents to take them back over and over again.

4. Paint the Walls

Kids love bright, fun patterns and colors. You want the space to feel welcoming to your clients. 

Don’t leave the walls beige or plain white or children will feel sad upon entry. Instead, paint your store according to how you want people to feel. 

Red or yellow could be great choices for your clothing store. Red makes people feel excited and happy. While yellow makes people feel warm and energized

5. Offer a Subscription of Kids Clothing Brands

Some parents are far too busy to come to your physical store.

Offering a subscription service is a great way to get more customers and earn money each month. Simply ask your customers to fill out a Q&A sheet telling you what colors and styles their child is interested in. 

Then, you fill out a monthly box according to the child’s specifications. Subscriptions boxes for girls and boys are so fun for them to open each month.

And when you put your brand name all over the box, you’ll soon be the talk of their elementary school. 

6. Hire the Right Help

When it comes to working with children, you’ll want to be especially careful about what employees you hire.

Someone who has a bunch of retail experience isn’t necessarily the best choice. You want to hire people who have had experience with children as well.

Selling clothes to children can be a frustrating experience. They’ll throw tantrums and rip the clothes. You don’t want someone who will fly off the handle when this happens. You want someone who is trained to know how to soothe and calm your young customers.

7. Reach Out to the Community 

If you want your clothing store to be successful, you’ll need to become part of the community.

Reach out to local schools, community centers, and churches asking them for help advertising your store. Ask them if you can put fliers up for your new children’s clothing store.

Then, go to your neighboring businesses and ask them if they want to partner with you. You can advertise for them and they advertise for you. For instance, if there’s an ice cream place nearby, you can offer coupons for $1 off an ice cream cone every time someone buys something.

It’s important you engage with the community through networking events. You want people to know who you are so that they can refer business towards you.

8. Don’t Forget to Accessorize

You shouldn’t stop at clothes. Children love to accessorize with funbags, jewelry, and shoes. 

Offer a variety of accessories so kids can glam up their outfits according to their tastes. Offering accessories and shoes will make you the one stop shop for children’s fashion.  

Have Fun with Your Business

Starting your own business should be a challenging and fun adventure. 

Working with children should help keep your life rooted in fun. Always remember when coming up for designs for the store that your clients are children. 

You’ll need smaller mirrors, smaller coat hangers, and smaller stools. Everything should be child-friendly. If it’s not, keep it in a locked room in the back of the store. 

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