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5 Ways to Give Your Retail Storefront Great Curb Appeal

Did you know that 20% of new businesses don’t make it past their first year? If you’re hoping to be a successful business for years to come, you need to invest in boosting your business’s curb appeal. You’ll create a welcoming exterior that encourages visitors to become customers!

Read on to learn about 5 ways to give your retail storefront great curb appeal.

1. Invest in Cosmetic Changes

If you’re on a limited budget, even modest cosmetic updates can enhance a retail storefront. For instance, you could remove a faded awning to allow more sunshine to spotlight your building’s vintage brickwork. Or you could replace a weathered door with a bright red one.

Applying a fresh coat of bold paint can spruce up dull trim. And even something as simple as washing your windows and sweeping the stoop can make a big difference. 

2. Get Better Retail Storefront Signs

Is your outdoor sign faded or dated? Then it’s time to invest in a sign that showcases your business’s name — and reflects a sense of style! Consider updating your logo, too, and reflecting your new business branding on your storefront.

Choose a color scheme that creates enough contrast between the letters and background. And avoid getting too curvy with letters since you want the name to read clearly. Turn to when you’re looking to refresh your retail store signs!

3. Boost Curb Appeal with Landscaping

Some splashes of greenery will create a more attractive storefront. Place potted plants on either side of your front entrance. Or plant some textured shrubs to soften the appearance of concrete or bricks.

For a retail business with bigger grassier areas, grab your fertilizer and edger. A neat and lush field of green will show that you care about how you present your business. While you’re at it, add fresh mulch to your flower beds every spring!

4. Place Merchandise Outside

You might not want to place your most expensive items beyond your field of vision. But consider placing a few cheaper items outside of your store. This is an easy way to woo people passing by on the sidewalk

If you sell seasonal goods, add a shiny snow shovel or autumn wreath outside. Or, if you have big windows, use them to create a window display that features new merchandise each month. An attractive window display will become a magnet that draws people to your storefront. 

5. Add Outdoor Seating

You don’t need to add a patio set or lounge chair to your outdoor space. But even a bench or chair can be a welcome addition to your retail business.

Situate a retro metal chair on a bright outdoor throw rug. Or add a white wicker loveseat so people can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. You’ll build an inviting entrance to your business!

Enhance Your Retail Storefront

A snazzier retail storefront offers a more welcoming space to visitors. You’ll show a higher level of professionalism when you update your signage and landscaping. And you can tempt people by showing off your merchandise.

Find more ways to build your business branding strategies. Check back soon for new articles!