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The Overlooked Importance of Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance

An average refrigerator has a lifespan of about 10-13 years. This duration depends on a wide range of factors. There are refrigeration systems that outlive this projected lifespan by double the years.  

However, longevity depends on the extent of maintenance protocol put in place.

The commercial refrigeration system serves a critical role in many establishments. Despite the years of service these commercial refrigerators provide, there’s often minimum focus on maintenance unless the system breaks down. How often do you schedule time towards your commercial refrigerators’ routine maintenance? 

Overlooking refrigerator maintenance is a costly mistake in the long-term. The cost of refrigerator restoration after years of neglect may be a big blow to your business. 

Read on to learn everything about refrigerator maintenance. 

Why Is Refrigerator Maintenance Important? 

Commercial refrigeration systems play a critical part in your business’ operations. You, therefore, risk a lot whenever this system is experiencing technical faults. A slight mishandling of this equipment may potentially spell disaster for your business. 

Such instances of commercial refrigerator failures might lead to lost business opportunities.  You may also expose your entire business to the risk of refrigerator fire. You don’t want to think about the extent of a damaged reputation due to unsatisfied clients.   

Maintaining your refrigeration system can save you a great deal of trouble in the short and long haul. Here are some of the overlooked benefits of refrigeration maintenance. 

Save Your Business from the Risk of Lost Product

Refrigeration systems such as walk-in freezers store a wide array of products. Imagine the extent of product loss if the system ever failed. Well, for any business keen on avoiding such a situation, scheduled maintenance is signed and sealed. 

Reduction in Breakdowns

Nothing costs a business more than the recurrent instances of breakdowns due to equipment failure. The cost of having to call in a technician for repairs each time the refrigerator grinds to a halt can be overwhelming. However, with consistent maintenance, it’s possible to reduce such instances of fridge breaking down. 

Improved Asset Life 

Your commercial refrigerator can run smoothly for more than 25 years without any need for repairs. However, this extended lifespan beyond the average stay depends on a few things. 

One of the factors included should be the extent of maintenance scheduling allocated to the refrigerator repairs. Refrigerator maintenance can help in ensuring that your cooling system outlives the targeted life cycle. 

Avoiding Safety Hazards 

The United States Fire Department records refrigerator fires almost every week. Some of these fires are caused by issues such as ignition faults, which would be avoidable if there was a meaningful focus on recurrent maintenance. Scheduling maintenance would be essential to help reduce such cases of fire, which have the potential of bringing your business to its knees.

Lower Energy Usage 

Corporate entities are always keen on saving as much as possible when it comes to overhead costs. But often, equipment such as commercial refrigerators may be prone to excess energy consumption when there’s a failure to ensure consistent maintenance schedules. Consistency when it comes to scheduling for maintenance is imperative as long as you are keen on cutting on recurrent costs in your business. 

Help Keep Your Reputation in Tact

A business that relies heavily on commercial refrigerators often gets in trouble with clients whenever their products fail to meet the quality threshold. Your walk-in freezer may develop problems without your knowledge and eventually become unable to sustain the required temperature for specific products. Once this happens, it may be a matter of when before a loyal customer ends up with a substandard product.

Such scenarios can affect your brand’s reputation in ways you never anticipated. If you’re keen on preserving your status, it will help to consider scheduled maintenance continuously. This would help you detect any technical issues before they become a problem that may potentially ruin your reputation. 

Enhance Food Safety 

Most of the refrigeration equipment in commercial settings are utilized for food preservation purposes. A well-regulated commercial refrigerator will rarely lead to trouble when it comes to food safety. One of the critical ways of ensuring that you enhance your foods is by instating mandatory checks to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

What Does Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Entail?

Now that you understand the importance of refrigerator maintenance, you may be wondering what the actual process entails. Well, there’s a lot that needs to be done in the course of your refrigerator’s lifecycle to ensure that it operates at optimum. 

Checking Refrigerator Levels 

The first thing should be to check the refrigerator levels as often as possible. Most refrigeration systems experts note that low refrigeration levels are often the cause of most of the problems notable in commercial refrigerators. Maintenance schedules are critical in ensuring that your commercial freezer is working at optimum.

Assessing the Lines of Condensation 

Your scheduled maintenance must also include constant assessment of the lines of condensation. It’s critical to call in an expert as often as possible. 

The technician can proceed to check your commercial refrigerator’s line of condensation. This is necessary to avoid any risks of excess formation of layers of ice in the interior of the system.    

Considering the Condensers’ Coils

You also need to ensure that your refrigerator’s evaporator and condenser coils undergo constant checking. This is critical to avoid the possible recurrence of evaporator failure or faults in the condenser coils.

Cleaning of Drain Lines 

Refrigerator maintenance should also include the inspection and cleaning of drain lines.  Fan blades and icemaker components also matter during the process.  This is an essential aspect of enhancing your refrigerator’s cleanliness.

Once you call in the experts, they will be able to undertake refrigeration insulation. Are you in need of refrigeration repair services soon? You should consider dealing with a highly reputable company.  

Frequent Maintenance Can Help You Avert a Refrigeration System Breakdown

Your business needs to cut on overheads for you to break-even. However, it’s better to incur recurrent refrigerator maintenance costs as opposed to incurring major capital expenses. Such huge costs may emerge due to repairs following breakdowns or because of the need to replace a faulty refrigerator with a new one. 

Don’t let refrigeration system faults be the cause of lost business opportunity. With comprehensive maintenance, your refrigeration system will never disappoint. 

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