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The Future Is Now: 9 Insanely Cool Office Gadgets That You Need in 2020

When it comes to productivity, there’s plenty of things you can use to help make your day at the office fruitful. Tons of incredible product developments are paving the way for an easier workday for every industry.

Before you head to your office today, check out some super cool office gadgets that will make your job easier and your life a whole lot better.

Read on to discover a list of nine of some of the latest, greatest gadgets all designed with work and efficiency in mind that’ll inspire you to do more each and every day. Gadget on!

1. VoIP Phone Systems

A VoIP phone system stands for voice-over-internet-protocol and works off your office Internet connection. Ditch the classic landline and try VoIP for a seamless experience that offers a range of extra features.

When you make the switch to VoIP, you’ll be able to call from your laptop, smartphone, or other mobile devices anywhere while customers see your office phone number. It’s also easy to integrate your business software with the system so you can listen to messages and store them on your PC if you need to.

2. Standing Desks

Sitting for long periods of time can do a real number on your neck and back. To keep your circulation moving, consider switching to a standing desk.

When you stand up as you work, you’re encouraging your entire body to stay upright with your shoulders back and your eyes forward. Standing desks can do wonders for your posture and can help reduce the strain and pressure of sitting and slouching at your keyboard for eight hours at a time.

3. Touchscreen Converters

If you have a standard laptop, you can easily convert it to a touchscreen with these handy, cool office gadgets. Simply plug the unit into your laptop USB port and watch it transform into a touchscreen.

Once you activate the converter, you can use your fingers or a pen to draw and interact with your screen like you would with any other touchscreen device. This is an excellent option for small businesses who don’t want to invest in all new equipment but need the convenience that a touchscreen provides.

4. Thermal Label Printers

If you ship items directly from your office location, these handy, compact printers are the perfect solution. Rather than relying on paper or label formatting from your PC, these special printers make it easy to print out labels of all shapes and sizes in just minutes.

You can use the printer for all kinds of things including bar codes for your inventory or bulk mailing labels. The sticky label paper comes in a variety of formats so you can easily switch from an address label over to warehouse labels and a lot more.

5. Docking Stations

Since so many of us rely on all kinds of devices, it makes sense that you could run short on available places to plug-in. A docking station eliminates this issue and keeps everything neatly charging in one central place.

Docking stations get rid of the need for tons of wires on a single outlet and you can use them for your smartphone, headphones, and a ton more. They work well with almost any type of electronic and you can find out more about cords and other accessories to get started. 

6. Portable Power Banks

There’s nothing more stressful than your smartphone running low on juice while waiting for an important business call. If you travel a lot, a portable power bank is an invaluable gadget.

These mobile power sources give you extra “oomph” for anything that requires a USB cord. Look for lightweight, compact power banks that you can easily tuck into your briefcase or carryon bag. They’re a real lifesaver when you’re on the road and don’t have access to a wall outlet.

7. Desk Organizers: Classic Cool Office Gadgets

Even though they’re not high-tech, there’s nothing quite as convenient as a good old fashioned desk organizer. Use these desktop organizers to keep your small accessories neatly in place.

An organizer with a small drawer on the bottom gives you a place to hold post-it notes and notepads, paper clips, and pens. The top section should include a file organizer so you can put folders in order and have easy access to the things you need. When you keep office accessories close at hand, you’ll spend less time searching for them and increase your productivity.

8. Camera Doorbells

If you don’t have the budget to install and pay for a complete security system, camera doorbells are a great alternative. These small doorbells activate whenever someone rings the bell so you can see who’s coming.

Use the doorbell with your smartphone so you can see who’s at your business remotely. They’re a great replacement for standard security cameras and most manufacturers use high-resolution cameras so you get a clear vision of whoever comes to your door.

9. Multitools

You never know when you need to tighten a screw, replace nuts and bolts, or even open a package quickly. With a multitool, you get several tools in one all in a compact size so you can stash it in your desk drawer.

A multitool can be a lifesaver in a pinch and it’s something every office should have. The tool folds into a small size and easily opens up to reveal things like a screwdriver, knife, and even a small pair of scissors. 

Gadgets That Make Work Easy

With a little help from these cool office gadgets, your workplace will be more streamlined and productive. Whether it’s a high-tech phone system or camera doorbell, or a simple desk organizer, they’re all made to help you work smarter.

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