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Break Room Renovation Ideas that Improve Employee Morale

Taking breaks on a regular basis boosts productivity substantially. They also make employees happier and more relaxed, improving the quality of their work as well.

Having a good break room for your employees is the best way to get them to take meaningful breaks. They’ll have the chance to recharge in comfort before tackling their work once more.

If your break room isn’t up to par, consider some of these following ideas. They’ll ensure your employees enjoy every moment of their hard-earned breaks.

Focus on Aesthetics

There’s no need to spend huge amounts of money to get the break area to look pleasing. There are a lot of small changes that make a huge difference in the aesthetic of a room.

Give the walls a new coat of paint in a calming color. Replace the squeaky chairs that everyone dislikes. Even installing new carpets help renew the energy in the room.

Ask your employees for suggestions. It’s a good way to get them involved in the process, as well as giving them what they need for a more comfortable break room.

Install Useful Appliances

It’s not enough to have a table and some chairs. You’ll need to include different amenities and useful items such as a refrigerator and a microwave.

A small kitchen area is a good way to boost morale. It gives workers a better way to make their lunch without needing to use the microwave or ordering out every single day. Including a small stove, sink, and attractive but cheap kitchen cabinets go a long way in making a break area feel more comfortable.

Supplying a coffee pot and free coffee is another way to make your employees feel at ease. No one likes spending money on coffee every day, so give them the option of making coffee in the office. It not only makes them happier, but it also stops wasted time for coffee runs throughout the day.

Don’t forget to include decaf coffee and tea as well!

Use Lots of Greenery

Bringing in a bit of the outside into your office is always a good idea. Fake plants might be easier to keep up with, but they gather too much dust over time and they don’t give the same effect.

Real plants improve a worker’s overall mood and productivity. Add in a few plants throughout the office but make sure there are some in the break area as well.

It makes the entire place feel homier without needing to do much else.

It’s a good idea to put together a plant-tending chart to ensure that the plants get the care they need. Otherwise, the greenery will start to look like brown-ery and no one feels good looking at that.

Include Comfortable Seating

Offering enough chairs for all of your employees is always a good start. To have a great break room, you’ll need to go the extra mile.

Instead of only chairs, include a couch or two. A lounge chair or even a recliner also does the trick.

These kinds of seating are extra comfortable and give workers a chance to kick back and feel at ease. It gets them into a different position, something more relaxing than the same office chair they’ve been in for hours.

Bring in a Spark of Personality

Stark white walls, gray carpet, and a few business-related pamphlets pinned up are not at all inspiring. They may look professional, but they lack a sense of personality. Without that extra spark, employees will feel like a lab rat in a cage, working all the time without anything else to do. 

It’s possible to keep a level of professionalism while still including personality.

Interesting artworks or decorations, unique patterns on the wall, carpet or tiling that have more contrast. All of these are ways to show personality without having to do anything extra.

Another great way to include personality is to encourage your employees to spice up the break area with their own things. Let them bring in things from home, have them choose out the artwork.

These little decisions make the entire room feel like it’s an extension of home rather than a soulless room.

Follow the Seasons

A fun way to keep the break room fresh is to make use of seasonal decorations. The small additions of themed decor bring a new bit of life to the break area.

It’s also a great way to spread some cheer throughout the office.

It’s about more than decorations, though. Seasonal foods and comforts also bring up morale and spirits within your employees.

For example, during Fall, blankets and free hot cocoa are both seasonal and useful.

Encourage Employees to Take Breaks

The most important part of a break area makeover has nothing to do with the physical room. Instead, it’s all about the mentality behind taking breaks.

Sometimes workers are afraid to take regular breaks because they don’t wish to look as though they’re slacking off. Sometimes managers think workers who do take their breaks aren’t working as hard as other workers who stay at their desks all day.

The best thing to do here is to help encourage your employees and your managers to prioritize breaks. Without breaks, your workers won’t feel appreciated. They’ll stress out and do less work because of it.

Hold a meeting explaining the importance of breaks and the changes you plan to make to the break room. This helps jump-start the acceptance of breaks as being a proper and vital tool for your business.

A Comfortable Break Room Makes a Huge Difference in Worker Productivity

Renovate your break room into something that inspires workers to relax. With this, you’ll find that not only are your workers happier, they’re also more productive.

Even a few easy changes turn a depressing break area into something that gives employees the comfortable break they need. Take some time to look at your break area and figure out how to make it into something special. Both your employees and your clients will thank you!

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