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9 Business Office Decorating Ideas for Small Businesses

Sure, you’re focused on making your small business a success, but is office design part of that formula?

A lot of people think office decor has nothing to do with how well a business performs. Yet, if you and your employees are stuck in a dark, boring, un-inspirational office space, you’re likely not generating top quality work.

Turn your office into a motivational space by using these 9 business office decorating ideas for any small business.

1. Let There Be Light

Great lighting does wonders for office productivity. Whether it be natural light or high-quality artificial light, make sure to fill your space with lots of it to keep employees happy and motivated.

To bring in as much natural light as possible, keep all windows unobstructed. Limit signs or displays for your storefront. And open all window coverings during business hours.

For areas lacking in natural light, stay away from harsh fluorescent bulbs. Instead, lamps and indirect lighting gives a warm glow that makes a space more comfortable and inviting to work in.

2. Creative Wall Art

Blank wall space is boring, but generic stock photos of mountain tops or motivational quotes is just as uncreative. Give your wall art more thought by choosing pieces that speak to your business and the people who work there.

Pick a style that goes with your branding to set the mood, such as modern or minimalist. If you sell products, take unique or abstract photos of them to display. Or add a feature wall with your company logo.

This is also a great area to support local artists. Buying pieces that speak to your location will give your office a sense of pride and a connection to your city.

3. Bring the Outdoors in

Get rid of the stark, sterile office feel by bringing in plants. Adding greenery to a small business space not only provides natural pops of color, but it can also spur more creativity out of your staff!

If you don’t want to hassle with taking care of live plants, opt for artificial ones instead. These days you can’t tell many fake plants from their real-life versions. This ensures your plants will always look great, even after long holiday weekends away.

4. Take a Break

Giving your employees a space to relax in is essential for company morale. Yet, just because it’s a break room and not office space doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a makeover as well. Show your employees how much you value them by taking their break room to the next level.

Calming colors such as blues or greens will help take stress away. Add a few comfy couches to relax on. Plus, to take their minds off work for a little bit, have a TV or play soothing music in the background.

You can also create an inspirational wall for everyone to share ideas and recognition. And don’t forget to include a board for birthdays and special announcements.

5. Throw in Some Rugs

Rugs are something you think about adding to your home, not your office space. But that’s precisely the point! It’s one of the unexpected business office decorating ideas that will add style and comfort to the workspace.

Rugs not only look good, but they can also serve a dual purpose for an office. They’re perfect for breaking up large rooms into designated areas without having to put up walls.

For example, one large rug can anchor a meeting space while another rug shows where the reception area is. It’s style and function all in one item.

6. Use Your Brand Colors

Your brand represents who you are as a business. So what better way to personalize your office space than decorating with your brand colors!

You can take this as far or as little as you like. Paint the walls with it, represent it in your office furniture, or add simple touches of brand colors throughout the office.

Using brand colors in your office design will ensure brand consistency not only with your employees but visitors as well.

7. Make Room for Personality

Your employees do an amazing job for you every single day, they’re truly the backbone of your business. But they also have their own personality and style. Let them express that by giving them the freedom to decorate their own work areas.

Whether it be a cubicle or personal office, encourage them to set it up in a way that best motivates them.

They can choose furniture that supports their comfort, such as a stand-up desk or ergonomic chair. They can bring in their own decorations and set up their space in a flow that works best for them.

By letting them have freedom over their own work area, your employees will feel like a valued individual of the business.

8. Keep Supplies Central

Successful office design is not only about looks, but it’s also about great function. When redesigning your small office space, keep in mind the workflow and how that set up will affect everyday tasks.

That means keeping equipment and the supplies everyone uses central. Printers, copiers and the supply closet should be set up in an easily accessible location. Plus, it should have plenty of room for many people to move around and use at the same time.

9. Make Smell Part of Your Decor

A frequently overlooked part of an office is the way it smells. Yet, think about it – you could have the most beautifully designed office but if it smells bad, that’s what people are going to remember.

Keep the air fresh and healthy with an air purifier or open windows to keep air flowing. Mild air fresheners are another idea, but make sure there are no allergy sensitivities.

It’s also important to keep the office clean and tidy. Don’t let break room trash get too full. Plus, make sure the office is thoroughly cleaned every day.

Turn Drab Into Success With These Business Office Decorating Ideas

Your working environment sets the tone for your business. Turn it into success with these business office decorating ideas.

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