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7 Factors of Great Office Design Concepts

Did you know that we spend almost a third of our lives in an office? It’s important to have a design that is welcoming and warm for employees so they’ll be able to collaborate and think naturally. 

You don’t like a closed and dark office do you? An open and inviting office with lots of natural light will maintain focus and clarity! 

In this article, we’ll discuss 7 factors of great office design concepts. Read on to discover these 7 factors! 

1. Office Design Concepts 

You might wonder what’s the ideal design for a work environment? An example of a great office space design is known as an open office. This means instead of everyone having a separate desk they have one long workbench. 

Each employee can still have their own space on the workbench such as a computer, phone, etc. This style is most popular for collaborative work, sales, and marketing. 

A disadvantage of this style is distraction and noise from coworkers. There’s a lack of privacy for this style. 

To tackle these disadvantages an office can have privacy and quiet focus areas. An example of this would be a small sound-proof room for when an employee needs extra focus and a distraction-free environment. 

2. Bring in Nature 

Did you know that this study found that workers who are in a daylit office had an 84% drop in headaches, blurred vision, and eyestrain? When you’re letting nature in it’s important to have natural light as well and have natural business office decor. 

Some ways to add light:

  • Control glare
  • Consider skylights
  • Maximize natural lighting
  • Move any furniture that blocks sunlight
  • Replace any flickering lights
  • Layer different lights in the workspace

Another way to bring in nature is to have plants in the workspace. Having plants in the environment will purify the air of toxins. 

Think natural material for floors, ceilings, railings, etc such as wood or stone. 

3. Break-Out Spaces  

This isn’t just the place your employees go to eat lunch! This space gives them a break and space for creativity. These spaces encourage conversation and relaxation from a change of scenery. 

It’s important to have these spaces and make sure they’re separate from the workspace. 

Some examples of items to have in break-out spaces are:

  • Sofas and comfy chairs
  • Recreational games
  • Cafes with free coffee and snacks

Contact this design company for help designing your office space. 

4. Water

Did you know that our brains are 73% water? It’s important to encourage healthy drinking habits in the workplace. We are more alert when drinking healthy beverages which then leads to higher productivity! 

Also to improve the office design layout think about including flowing water such as small fountains or mini waterfalls. 

Install a water cooler as part of business office decor. It’ll help with productivity moving forward. 

5. Nourishment

Did you know what we eat will fuel how productive we are throughout the day? As part of the break-out space have a fully stocked kitchen for your employees. Think healthy fruits and vegetables. 

6. Invest in Furniture 

As part of any successful office space design, it’s important to have comfy furniture! It’s important to invest in comfortable and supportive chairs so employees aren’t experiencing the ill effects of poorly designed chairs such as discomfort and neck pain. 

Also, consider having wireless connectivity so if an employee needs a change of scenery from their desk they have that option. Why not also add a couch to the break-out space for your employees to relax in?

7. Branding

Branding your office is actually more important than you may realize. It shouldn’t just be about business cards, but also branding in the workspace. Make branding part of your office design layout. 

You want your office to have an identity and remind each other why you come in every day. You can put a logo on a feature wall to create interest. It’s not necessary to go overboard and have wallpaper. 

Take the identifying factors of your business throughout the entire space whether it’s an idea, shape, or color. Make sure the furniture and lighting in the office send the right message for your business! 

You want your space to convey a message, don’t have Victorian clocks if you say you’re a modern company. 

A great way to be successful with branding and function is to use your identity as an identifier. You could have different colors having varying meanings. For example, if you have different rooms, you could have each color lead to a different room. Then when a client comes in you could tell them to follow the blue. 

If you come up with a design for the colors that have to do with your logo then the space will feel less corporate and more engaging. 

Remember that your office space design will impact the environment of the office. Yes, you can still have your logo and slogans, but you can also have a warm and welcoming color palette that matches your company’s personality. 

Next Steps

After reading these 7 factors of great office design concepts you have some great ideas for your own office space! Really think about what’s most important to you and how you can implement that into your workspace. 

Your office design layout is a reflection of you as well and your company so take your time coming up with the perfect design and features. 

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