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5 Top Features to Look for When Buying Phone Systems for a Small Office

Communication makes the world go around. But even in the world of high-speed 5G video calling, the humble phone is still a valuable tool that is central to every business. 

Your customers still want to speak with a real person. According to research carried out by Google, 57% of customers call businesses still because they want to talk to a real person, while 59% call so that they can quickly get an answer. 

Do not underestimate the value of phone systems for a small office. 

If you are planning on upgrading your phone, you’ll need to know that you have the small office telephone system that is right for you. 

Here are the top five features to look out for when buying a phone system for a small business.

Find Me Follow Me

Are you someone who likes to leave their desk and work on the move? Avoid missing calls with a find me, follow me function. 

Have your phone system find you wherever you are. If it doesn’t get an answer at your desk, the call will go through to your mobile. If you don’t answer, the call can be routed to a colleague or a voicemail. 

If your device is in for business phone repair, have your calls routed to an alternative phone. 


Auto Attendants 

Staffing your phones 24/7 may be an expense you cannot afford. But if people are trying to get in touch outside of these hours, you may be able to give them some assistance by using an auto attendant. 

Auto attendants take the burden off your customer support staff by providing instant information for common problems that customers may be experiencing. 


VoIP Phone Systems for a Small Office

If you’re still tied to landlines and are paying for several lines, there is an easier way. 

Landline use dropped by half between 2012 and 2017, and It is continuing to fall. Landlines will soon be obsolete. 

By using an IP based phone system, you will just make use of your internet connection, making it a cost-effective solution for your small office phone system.


Call Waiting Menus

Time is everything when it comes to call-handling. The quicker you can deal with a customer query, the faster those in the queue will get through. 

If your menu system can pre-screen calls, take information, and route callers to the right person, it saves a lot of wasted time in the call. 


Have Your Voicemails Sent to Your Email 

If you want your voicemails to be stored in a way that can be easily digested, have them sent to you via email or text. 

Not only will you have a digital record of what has been said, but it also saves time and effort on voicemail message retrieval. 


Understand the Needs of Your Business

Before choosing phone systems for a small office, work out what you need from it. More importantly, work out what your customers need.

Choosing the right phone system features could make a dramatic impact on your customer service and improve your sales. 

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