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5 Benefits of Going Paperless at Your Office

Did you know that the average US office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper every year? Despite claims that the future of office work is paperless, it seems that businesses have not yet realized this goal. 

If you are looking for an easy way to increase efficiency in your office place, going paperless may be the key. How can going paperless help your business? How can you go about achieving this?

Check out our in-depth guide to the 5 benefits of going paperless.

1. Save Time

Time is money. In the past, much time was taken up by employees having to search through filing rooms that contained literally thousands of documents. The same may be true today to some extent. 

However, using everyday technologies such as search-bars and electronic filing systems can save businesses this time. This means that employees can avoid this distraction and focus on using their time more productively. 

2. Document Sharing

Unless your business is purely a home-office, you will have workers that travel and possibly multiple work locations. If this is the case, you will need to quickly and easily collaborate and share documents.

Consider the case of a business that has 5 employees. One employee is traveling to a business meeting in another city, and another employee is sick at home. The team in the office need to urgently make a decision on a matter. They can only do this if everyone has access to the same information.

This can only be accomplished with electronic document storage and sharing. Of course the larger the business the greater the benefits.

3. Smaller Office Space

The footprint of a paperless office is much smaller than an office that stores boxes of files. Over the years the number of boxes can grow to fill storage cupboards and even offices themselves. 

A paperless office that stores its documents on the cloud will not need any storage space at all. This means that this space can be re-deployed or that a business can move into a smaller office space and reduce overheads. 

Of course, this requires the digitalization of the company files and the safe destruction of the same files. However, there are professional companies, such as in the Sydney area, that can take care of this for you.

4. Secure Storage

Paperless offices are more secure than offices that store sensitive files physically. Electronic files are stored in a safe location. If this is on a cloud storage location then the storage company itself (Amazon, Microsoft, Google etc) will guarantee the security of the documents.

Further, physical files can be damaged by fire, water or a natural disaster. Electronic storage that includes backup and versioning will keep multiple safe records of your data. 

5. Financial Savings

Paperless offices mean less equipment is needed in each office location. Think of the cost of printers, toner, scanning equipment needed and the maintenance and storage costs involved. Paperless offices save much more than simple space.  

The Benefits of Going Paperless and Much More

We all want an efficient, smooth-running office environment. Going paperless is one of the best ways to do this. However, it is not the only way.

There are hundreds of simple methods and tips that a small-to-medium sized business can apply to speed up their operations and get the best out of their personal and technologies. 

If this is your goal, why not read our well-researched and authoritative articles. We do the research so that you can focus on what matters most, producing the best product or service that you can.