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11 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Office…And Don’t Forget the Windows

Your office’s productivity isn’t static. Even small environmental changes can have a major influence on how well you and your employees work. Adding plant life and decor to the office is a small investment that can lead to major performance improvements.

And it’s not just about productivity. By decorating your office, you’ll create a space your employees love to work in. Your visitors will enjoy the bright, professional atmosphere, too!

Turn your drab eyesore into something beautiful. Learn how to decorate an office with these 11 simple tips.

1. Stay Organized

Even the most beautiful offices can fall victim to clutter. It can be hard to appreciate the aesthetic and decor when there are mountains of paperwork obscuring the view.

Before you spruce up your work environment, you first need to keep it clean. This is as simple as providing additional storage options. Rather than cardboard boxes, go with fabric storage bins that provide an additional pop of color and texture.

2. Display Company Colors

Can’t decide on a color palette? Then just stick to your company colors. It’s a great way to hold a consistent theme across the office and show your pride.

Some businesses have stronger identities than others. But if you don’t think you have “company colors,” think again. Your company logo certainly qualifies.

3. Hang Artwork on the Walls

A great coat of paint can only do so much. You can transform any space by hanging artwork on the walls. And, believe it or not, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

You can find massive art pieces at thrift stores, garage sales, or online. It doesn’t have to be the most impressive artwork around. In fact, it might be more interesting to hang something strange and stir up office conversations.

Not a fan of artwork? Take plenty of employee group photos, especially during an entertaining event. You can get these framed and hang them up later, creating an inclusive and communal work environment.

4. Use Dividers to Designate Space

Many offices have open floor plans. But all that undivided, empty space can leave things a little dull. Consider separating the work area with decorative transparent dividers.

It’s a sharp and sleek design that won’t interfere with the lighting in your office. Even better, it maintains a sociable atmosphere but still keeps things organized.

5. Decorating Your Office Windows

Windows are too often forgotten. As the only source of natural light in your office, they play a huge role in its design. Never allow clutter or blinds to mask the beauty of your windows.

You can manipulate this light with window film. Window film comes in different transparencies, colors, and styles. This gives you the opportunity to add privacy to the office or turn a set of windows into an accent wall.

This article has more creative window film ideas for your office.

6. Freshen Up the Office

Decorations provide appealing visuals. But they’re not the only senses to impress. You can make a damp, moldy office beautiful — but it’s still a damp and moldy office.

Enhance your office with air fresheners and scented wood. Just take care not to overdo it, or you’ll nauseate your employees.

7. Celebrate the Seasons

Holidays are a great opportunity to pull out seasonal decor and have some fun. When Halloween nears, pull out the paper bats and foam spiders.

You could take it a step further and have a jack-o-lantern contest. No matter who wins, the creations will make lovely adornments across the office.

8. Allow Personalized Decor

Decorating an office alone is hard work. Luckily, you don’t have to. Every employee would be happy to spruce up their own work environment if given the chance.

Feel free to let them. You can expect family photographs, animal-themed calendars, and silly mugs. It might be a good idea to create some ground rules in advance so you don’t have to micromanage anyone’s office space in the future.

9. Let the Outside In

The average worker is 15% more productive when surrounded by indoor greenery. It’s been known for years that plants provide a medley of physical and mental benefits. By incorporating plants into your office, you’ll have happier and more dedicated employees.

Putting a lone houseplant in the corner of the office might not have the best results. Instead, incorporate them throughout the building to create a more vibrant and beautiful atmosphere.

10. Lay Out the Welcome Mat

We’ve covered walls and windows. But what about the floor? Don’t discount rugs in the workspace.

If you have a dreary concrete or carpeted office, a sprawling rug can add a personal touch and liven things up. They can be prohibitively expensive, so don’t feel like you have to put them everywhere. Including one in each section of the office is more than enough.

11. Set up a Bookshelf

Nothing is more professional than a neat bookshelf. It serves a functional purpose and aids in keeping the office organized. But it also doubles as a beautiful centerpiece.

Consider setting this up in the main lobby. You’ll give visitors some entertainment and let them know you stay informed.

Ready to Upgrade the Office?

If decorating your office was low on your to-do list, you might want to think again. The science doesn’t lie: A better work environment is a more productive one.

Employ a handful of these office decorating tips to spruce things up. You’ll know you’ve done a good job when you start thinking your home is rather dull in comparison.

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