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4 Tips to Create a Comfortable Optometrist Waiting Room

Your waiting room is the first place your patients get to see how much you care about them. Keep reading to learn how to create a comfortable waiting room.

Your patients naturally start to size you up as soon as they enter your optometrist waiting room. The question is, what do they see when they first walk in? Would you be happy if you saw your practice through their lens?

Your waiting room is the first place your patients get to see how much you care about them, so it’s just as important as what you do back in the exam room. Here are four tips for creating a comfortable optometrist waiting room.

Let’s jump in!

1. De-Clutter Your Optometrist Waiting Room

First and foremost, keep your practice’s entryway as clutter free and clean as possible.

No patient wants to see visible grime. To him or her, it means that you and your team are not attentive to detail, are lazy and are disorganized.

Even if your office is in an old building, some new light fixtures and furnishings, brand-new flooring or a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in making your optometrist waiting room look good from front to back.

2. Include Memorable Details

Want to make your waiting room stand out? Give patients something that will catch their eye and stay in their minds.

For instance, rather than just having a water cooler in the reception area, why not set up a carafe filled with water that has been infused with fruit?

Also, maybe you can add a classy art piece to the wall or incorporate a clean fish aquarium into your decor. Even a vase of fresh flowers can take your waiting room to the next level in the patient’s eyes.

3. Offer Plenty of Light

Research shows that the more well-lit a room is, the better your mood will be. So, it only makes sense to make sure that your waiting room features enough lighting for your guests.

The mood you want to create will dictate the type of lighting you select for your waiting room.

For instance, if you want your patients to feel calm, bright and soft light will make it happen.

Plus, this type of light will make any items you have on display — such as the latest frames — even more appealing.

Meanwhile, if you want your office to feel more like home, go with a warm, low light. This is great if you want your reception area to have a charming family vibe.

Stay away from fluorescent bulbs, as they often come off as industrial, harsh and cold — not exactly what you’re going for.

4. Be Friendly

One of the best ways to create a comfortable optometrist reception area has nothing to do with the decor you have on your walls. Customer-focused practices like Medical Arts Eye Clinic & Optical prioritize the client experience and understand that it begins as soon as someone enters your front door.

It’s critical that your front office team member — the one who receives patients — is friendly and outgoing, acknowledging patients when they arrive.

Trust us: Your practice’s image depends on it and the positive reviews you’ll generate are invaluable.

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