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Why Your Company Needs a Facebook Business Page

1.52 billion.

That’s the amount of daily active users currently on Facebook. And if you don’t have a Facebook business page, you’re missing out.

With that many people online, there’s no reason you can’t build a decent following.

Forget what you’ve been hearing on the news about this company — there’s plenty of people still flocking to this platform. Whether they use it to connect with friends and family or to find a job, they’re there to interact and engage with others.

Not only that but Facebook is still a great place to set up shop as a business. Curious to know the benefits of a business page on Facebook?

Keep reading to find out!

It’s Good for SEO

Let’s get this started with a hard-hitting fact. SEO is a complex thing to master. And it definitely can’t be done overnight.

One way to get ahead of the curve quickly is by setting up a Facebook page. You can plug in all your links to your blog and website. When you do, you get a little boost for your SEO ranking.

To increase your chances of ranking high, make sure to fill your page with as much useful and valuable content as possible. Anything that’s relevant to your audience will help you in the long run.

You’re on the Mind of Your Customers

Just ask your friends and family, how often do they check Facebook? Their answers will be either every day, once a week or monthly.

That spells good news for you as that gives you an idea of how often your customers check their feed.

Every time you post something new, whether they like or just follow your page, they’ll see it in their feed. That means you’ll be at the forefront of your target audience. No more slaving over complicated SEO tactics to achieve this.

Gain More Leads

Facebook isn’t just useful for building a following — it’s also used to gather more leads. Posting giveaways, contests, and opt-ins for your newsletter are all great ways to do that.

This way, you can connect with your following outside of the platform. This opens you up to gaining more business through what matters most — your website.

Enhance Customer Service

Thanks to Facebook’s ease of communication, you can use it to enhance the customer service experience. After all, it’s not all about selling.

When customers have complaints or comments, they can reach out to you via Facebook. It’s easier for some to do it this way so they don’t have to find a contact page on your website and jump through other hoops.

And when you’re responsive to messages, it shows on your profile. It’ll display the time it takes for you to reply and what your percentage is. That said, make it a priority to respond to every message you get as quickly as possible.

Create a Community

Facebook is a place for friends (and strangers) to gather. Instead of thinking of your page as just that, think of it as a way to build a community.

Take the Smart Circle Facebook Community for example. They provide a place for their followers to post reviews and provide inspiring, relevant content. All of this contributes to a community where users are encouraged to participate in discussions and get more involved with the business.

Create Your Facebook Business Page Today

Now that you know all the reasons to make a Facebook business page, you better get started! It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve made for your business.

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