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Marketing Conferences You Won’t Want to Miss in 2019

There are few industries that are more exciting these days than that of digital marketing. The internet revolution has changed the way people send and receive information. Changes in technology and consumer behavior means there’s always more to learn and explore. 

Whether you’re hoping to find your footing in the industry or work your way to the top, attending a marketing conference is a great idea. Digital marketing conferences are amazing places to hear the best of the best gives helpful talks and to meet others in the industry. 

You can head back home with new knowledge and relationships in your pocket. But where should you head? Read on, and we’ll walk you through the best marketing conferences to attend in the upcoming year. 

Content Marketing World

“Clevland rocks!”

If you live close to Ohio, you won’t want to miss attending this amazing marketing conference held in the middle of Cleveland. Over a long weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a whopping one-hundred and twenty different workshops and sessions with a focus on different aspects of the digital marketing industry. 

There are workshops that cover digital strategy, storytelling techniques, AI innovations, and much much more. There are few better events for digital marketers each year than Content Marketing World. Outside of the opportunities to learn at every corner of this conference, there are also just as many opportunities to network and make connections with new people. 

The exciting thing about Content Marketing World is that it just keeps growing and growing. Over 4,000 brand marketers were present at last year’s conference, and that number is only expected to continue to grow year by year. 

If you want to be at the place where things are really ‘happening,’ attending this year’s conference is the absolute right move. 

Hubspot’s Inbound

One of the most star-studded digital marketing events each year is the one that Hubspot puts on in Boston, MA. If you’re looking to have a great time while you learn about new digital marketing strategies, Inbound is the place to be. 

Previous years have seen celebrities such as Issa Rae, Trevor Noah, Michelle Obama and more serve as inspiring keynote speakers. If you’re making a big trip to attend a conference, it’s understandable that you might want to attend something as big, flashy and fun as possible: Hubspot’s Inbound could be just that conference. 

This conference can give you a little inspiration on what to look for when finding a speaker for your own events. You may not be able to land an A-list star, but such speakers serve as great examples of the charisma and inspiring nature a great speaker can bring to an event. 

Conex (The Content Experience) 

Looking to get out of the country for a bit? Look no further than Conex, one of the most exciting digital marketing conferences that takes place in Canada each year. 

If you’re interested in content marketing, there are few better conferences anywhere in the world than this one. Want to learn to better understand the demand generation, or learn how content marketing plays into the buyer journey? A number of speakers and immersive experiences at Conex will help guide you to do just that. 

Digital marketing has completely changed how we interact with consumers online and in the real world. Allowing yourself to become immersed in these changes can mean huge things for your career. Getting connected with like-minded people in the same industry can be hugely helpful as well. 

Advertising Week

It wouldn’t be a list of conferences if we didn’t provide an excuse to go visit the Big Apple. Advertising week is a full five-day conference that takes place in none other than New York, New York itself. 

The wealth of options presented over the course of the week itself is quite wide. There are leadership seminars, plenty of keynote speakers, and interactive learning opportunities. But there are also a variety of more specific opportunities based on your area of work. If you want to hone in on pubic relations, social media, or some other area of the industry, there are plenty of opportunities here to do just that. 

The goal of advertising week is to help business owners push forward and expand their control of advertising and communication. The prime location means that the conference can pull in all types of people and potential mentors, including employees from Google and the major social media companies.

That means you might be able to get some face time with the very people and companies that will help to shape the future of your business online. This can be a valuable opportunity that you’d have to be a fool to let go. 

This is one of the biggest conferences of the year, with thousands of attendees coming to town for the week. There’s no way to do and see everything, but that’s why the week finds returning patrons year after year. 

Marketing Conferences You Must Attend

It can take a lot of time and work to get ahead in the world of digital marketing. One of the best steps you can take to push your career forward is to attend a few of the amazing digital marketing conferences that are out there. At a conference, you can meet people and gain valuable knowledge that can help set you apart from the competition. 

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