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Leaflet Distribution Tips That You Need to Know for Your Business

Need to spice up your advertising? Try leaflets!

Although we live in an increasingly digital world, sometimes it’s best to use tried and true marketing techniques. With fewer companies opting for physical advertising pieces, you’ll find more room to get directly to your customers. 

Leaflets are a great option to do this. You can get a few core pieces of information to your customers without having to spend much money. 

In this article, we’ll give you our best leaflet distribution tips to ensure you have a successful leaflet campaign.

The Right Compay? Choose Wisely

Start by creating a short list of leaflet delivery companies. Check out their processes and make sure they align with what you need.

Verify that they can supply the number of leaflets you need. Many companies have a minimum and maximum amount of leaflets they’ll distribute. If you only need 100 leaflets sent to select customers, this may fall too low for some companies.

Check out their fees. Make sure that they won’t tack on special delivery fees or anything similar. 

A good way to review companies is to read their Google reviews. And cruise their social media pages to get an idea of what they do and how successful they are. Also, ask them for referrals so you can speak to past customers. 

Design Is Everything

Start the design process by coming up with a list of goals. Who’s your target audience? For example, leaflet designs for teenagers should differ greatly from a design aimed at retirees. 

If your leaflet distribution company doesn’t have a stellar design program, you may want to have them designed elsewhere. Then send them to the distribution company to deliver. 

Do your research to see what’s worked in the past. Your design needs to be informative yet snappy to keep the attention of the reader. 

Make use of bold headlines with plenty of colors. But make the body of the leaflet short and easy-to-read. And always include a call to action somewhere in the design. 

This could be a request to sign up for emails or enter a drawing. You might ask them to call for a free consultation. You don’t want to overdo it, but it never hurts to include more than one call to action. 

Create a Logistical Plan (Who, What, When, Where, How)

Consult with the experts at your distribution company to create the logistical plan. You’ve done research on your target audience, so you should know the best time and place to reach them. And your distributor can add insight into this as well.

Will you distribute door-to-door? Face-to-face? Or business-to-business? 

These are all questions you should research on your own and discuss with your leaflet company. The golden rule here is to always keep your target audience in mind during the entire planning phase. This creates less waste and gets you the most exposure to your audience.

Leaflet Distribution Tips for a Successful Leaflet Campaign

A successful leaflet campaign can put physical information into the hands of your customers. These leaflet distribution tips will help you create a campaign with the most benefits at very little cost. 

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