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Flyer Marketing: How to Create and Use Flyers to Promote Your Business

More than 40 percent of Americans read or scan flyers they receive in the mail. If you’re handing flyers out at an event or a store, the chances someone will look at it are even higher.

Clearly, flyer marketing can be an effective tactic for your business. Of course, marketing with flyers isn’t always a guaranteed success. The tips in this quick guide will help you create better flyers and use them more effectively.

Decide What to Promote with Flyer Marketing

The first step in using business flyers effectively is deciding what you’re going to promote. It’s not enough to print up a flyer telling everyone that your business is open.

Good marketing flyer ideas include a promotional offer, discount coupons, or some other deal. You might advertise a 2-for-1 special at your new pizzeria. If you’re running a dental office, you might ask customers to call and book a consultation with you.

Deciding what to promote also depends a bit on who will receive the flyer. If you’re giving a customer a flyer after they visit your dental office for the first time, telling them to book a consultation might seem a little silly. They’re already talking to you.

If you’re mailing out follow-up mail to people who have already registered with you, then you might want to include a gift or a special deal as a “thank you.”

Decide How to Distribute Business Flyers

Next, you’ll want to think about how you’ll distribute your flyers. Some businesses put their flyers up on telephone poles around town. Others have them sitting on the desk at reception or at the register during checkout.

You might ask your cashiers to put a flyer in the bag for every customer. Alternately, you might decide to do a mass mailing instead.

Your distribution technique might tie back to who you want to reach. If your offer is for people who already shop with you, then handing them the flyer while they’re in the store might be the right choice.

If, by contrast, you’re trying to find new customers, then you might want to buy a local mailing list and send flyers out. These people have never set foot in your store. They might not be aware you exist, so this is your chance to change that.

Flyer Marketing Success Depends on Design

Finally, if you’re making flyers for businesses, you need to think about design. Good design is eye-catching and helps the customer understand your offer. Poor design will have them tossing your flyer in the recycling bin immediately.

The experts at Team Concepts Printing recommend streamlining your designs. Keep text to a minimum and create a clean, uncluttered look for the flyer.

You should also use color whenever possible. High quality photographs and good quality paper can also make the difference. If your flyer looks like it has high production values, people are more likely to spend some time reading it.

Finally, make sure your flyer has both your contact information and your call to action. Let customers know how to take the next steps, whether it’s picking up the phone or popping in to see you.

Get the Word Out about Your Business

Flyer marketing is a tried and true technique for promoting almost any business. It could help you promote yours.

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