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Fences Make Good Neighbors: How Small Businesses Can Use Geofence Marketing

Any small business knows how difficult it can be to get started in getting customers. A great way to do this is geofencing. In fact, geofence marketing actually increases app usage by 200%, which is a huge win for any small business.

You might be wondering what this form of business marketing is and how you can implement it to reach out to customers and gain money for your business. That’s where we come in!

Here, we’re going to explain what geofence marketing does and how it can help grow your business to what you want it to be.

What is Geofence Marketing, Anyway?

At its most basic level, geofence marketing is technology that reaches out to the people nearest to your business. It finds mobile users making searches in your area and shows them advertisements to your business.

This is a great form of outreach as shown with this site. It gets people who can actually come to your business to learn about it. Because it uses geographic tracking technology to find people in your area, people who are moving into the perimeter from outside it will see the ads as well.

Reaches the Right Customers

It’s a really good idea to cater your marketing as a small business to cell phone users. Nearly 80% of searches for things ‘near me’ come from people making their inquiries on a mobile phone. This means that geofencing is great because it exists for the purpose of reaching these users.

Geofence technology can also place your ads on the cell phones of people who are making searches that your business might be able to help with. All you need to do is put key words into the search perameters to target these users.

Helps Build a Brand

Geofence marketing is also great because it also helps you to build a brand for your business. What this means is that it basically helps you to determine your business identity by coming up with spacial perimeters and key words to target ads to the right people.

This is especially helpful if you keep the tone of the ads personal. No one wants to feel like a business is stalking them through their Smartphone, but people do like to feel seen. If you use a more personal tone, people are actually going to like the ads, not be creeped out, and be more likely to click on them.

Get Started

Building a small business can be a challenge, but with geofence marketing, finding the right customers an building your brand will get a whole lot easier. Just look into what software will be best for you and think about the people you want to target- you’ll do great.

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