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Advertising With Legitimate Car Wraps

There are traditional advertising methods like billboards, print ads, and TV/radio spots. You’ve probably even used social media to promote your business. However, you might be leaving out a mobile advertising tool.

Your vehicle.

Did you know that legitimate car wrap advertising is a very effective marketing ploy? We explain why it’s something you should consider.

Why Choose Legitimate Car Wrap Advertising?

There are several benefits when you advertise on your car. First, you have the opportunity to get your business’s name or logo in front of a lot of people. Even if your car is parked, it still serves a giant billboard.

A car wrap is likely to stand out and catch the eye of other drivers. This can help people remember the name of your business. 

When you advertise with your car, it can be more cost-effective than other traditional methods. For instance, you have to pay every time a radio spot airs. The same thing goes for print ads. Meanwhile, TV commercials are very expensive.

With a car wrap or sign, you only have to pay once. The advertisement lasts as long as you leave the wrap on the vehicle.

Individual Graphics

If you want something small, yet eye-catching, think about using vinyl panels, cut-outs or text that attach to the sides or back of the car. Some panels are magnetized so they can be easily removed, if necessary. 

Automobile lettering graphics can also be placed on the windows, but make sure nothing obstructs your view of the road. There may also be laws regarding how much of the windows can be covered. Ask the graphic design company for recommendations.

Vinyl Wraps

To really go all out, think about using vinyl wraps for a car, truck or van. Wraps come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. You can cover the whole vehicle or only part of it.

The wrap can be designed to match the branding and colors in your other marketing pieces. You can also include your logo, a phone number or website.

Understand the Law

We mentioned this earlier, but it’s worth emphasizing again. It’s important to be aware of state and local laws regarding advertising on vehicles. Some states have regulations regarding rear-tinted windows.

For instance, there may be a law about dark tints that keep someone (like a law enforcement officer) from seeing into the back seat. Vinyl wraps can fall under the same category as tinting.

Some states may require you to re-register the car/van as a commercial vehicle. You might even be required to buy commercial auto insurance. Check with your local DMV to find out the regulations in your city or state.

Consider a True Mobile Advertising Solution

If you’re ready to take your business marketing to a new level, consider legitimate car wrap advertising. It’s a unique and eye-catching method that can really get results.

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