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4 Tips to Make Your Squarespace Website Stand Out

Squarespace began back in 2003 as a way to help a frustrated college student publish his blog. Today, it’s one of the most popular web platforms for small businesses and people in creative industries.

One of Squarespace’s biggest perks is that it’s so easy to use. With a variety of gorgeous templates to choose from, all you have to do is import your information and images and you’re ready to go!

The downside? Your Squarespace website is at high risk of looking the same as hundreds of others on the internet.

To make sure your site stands out from the crowd, keep reading for our top 4 Squarespace design tips.

1. Use a Custom Favicon

Take a quick look at the title box just above your website’s URL bar. See the little grey cube icon next to your site’s name? That’s called a Favicon, and it’s a dead giveaway that your site was built with a Squarespace template.

While there’s nothing wrong with people knowing what platform your site runs on, leaving the favicon unchanged is missing an easy opportunity for customization. If you replace it with your logo, your site will easily stand out in a browser bar full of tabs or bookmarks. Follow these instructions to get started.

2. Get Creative With Images

One of the most common mistakes people make when building a Squarespace site is using popular stock images. Yes, those images are popular for a reason, but that’s the fastest way to make your site look identical to your competitors.

The best way to stand out with images is to take your own photos or hire a photographer. These options can be expensive and time-consuming, though, so many businesses turn to free stock image websites instead. Just make sure to select images that are unique (not posed business people) and have a color scheme that matches your branding.

3. Custom CSS

CSS is the coding language that, along with HTML, forms the backbone of the web. Using custom CSS coding can help you make the most of your Squarespace web design.

Squarespace has a CSS editor that allows you to input your own lines of code. The options for what you can do are endless—add color overlays and animations to your images, make a scrolling slideshow block of images and testimonials, or customize the text formatting in your blog posts.

4. Be Consistent with Branding

With how easy it is to customize webpages with Squarespace, it’s easy to get carried away with widgets, animated images, banners, colors, and fonts. That’s why it’s so important to stick with a cohesive theme.

Before you build your site, take some time to make a brand palette that includes your logos, colors, fonts, and image styles. Then, stick with them to ensure that your brand’s identity shines through on every page.

Use These Tips to Help Your Squarespace Website Stand Out

Your brand is unique and has something special to offer the world. And by following these tips to customize your Squarespace website, your customers will be able to tell as soon as they see your homepage.

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