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10 Unique Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Next Event

So, you have a big event coming up, and you want to make the most of it.

Last year, you didn’t get near the amount of engagement from attendees as you’d hoped. You want things to be different this year, and that’s why you’re planning to hand out corporate gifts. 

Yet, you don’t want to give out just any gift—you want it to be as one-of-a-kind as your company. Plus, you know that when you give out a unique corporate gift to each attendee at your events, you increase the chances that an attendee will engage with your business twofold. 

You would be a fool not to want to take advantage of those odds. That’s why you’ve come here today—to get some tips about the most creative corporate gift ideas out there. 

Ready to discover our top 10 gifts that we think will make your business a household name? Keep reading!

1. Branded Tech Cases and Pop Sockets

When you’re brainstorming ideas for corporate gifts, you want to choose useful items.

The more useful it is, the more often an attendee will use it. And that means your company’s branding will have more chances to stick in their minds. 

What’s something so useful, your attendees will be forced to look at your logo multiple times in a day? A phone case or pop socket, that’s what! With an accessory for each of your attendees’ phones, you’ll be sure to make a huge impression. 

Plus, companies like Empire Promotional Items offer a range of product types, colors, and designs to suit any preference. That way, you’ll be sure to find a corporate gift that fits your company’s style and swag. 

2. A Branded Water Bottle

The branded coffee mug is so 1990s.

While it’s a great idea for bringing awareness to your brand, coffee cups have come to be expected at a corporate event. Switch things up with a container for the one thing working folks drink more than coffee—water. 

Make sure to choose something durable that won’t break after multiple uses. That means you should stay away from stylish yet impracticable glass water bottles. 

3. Branded Office Utensils

These days, more and more people are getting in on the meal prepping trend.

Especially among millennials, bringing your lunch to work is no longer something reserved for one day a week.

Give your attendees branded utensils to keep in the office for a useful corporate gift that’s much more thoughtful than a branded pen. 

4. A Branded Scented Candle

Another gift your attendees will love and have around for at least a few weeks post-event is a scented candle.

The bigger, the better for this gift because the larger the candle, the longer your attendees will burn it.

That means your branded gift will have even more time to leave an impression.

5. Charity Donations

Did we surprise you with this one? Then you can be sure it’ll surprise your attendees, too.

Especially beneficial for philanthropic companies or non-profits, a charity donation from your business will warm the hearts of your attendees more than an impersonal gift basket ever could.

Better yet, let your attendees choose the charity of their choice! They’ll thank you by engaging with your brand or outright making a purchase. 

6. Branded Coffee Beans

As we said, the branded coffee cup is out. You know what’s in? Creating craft coffee beans with your brand stamped on the front. 

In the same way that attendees would see your brand each time they picked up their coffee cup, they’ll see your brand each time they brew a new pot. And if your attendees are like us, you can guarantee they’ll pull out those beans at least a few times per day. 

If you can’t afford to gift a whole bag of beans, you may prefer to choose branded K-cups instead. 

7. Branded Beer and Wine

Do you run a food and beverage company?

What better way to show off your skills than with your own branded beer and wine.

While this unique corporate gift is not for businesses with tiny budgets, it’s sure to leave a big impression. 

8. Branded Calendars

This may not be the most unique gift on our list, but it’s the one gift that will last not one month, not two, but twelve whole months!

A branded calendar, when done right, is the single largest opportunity you can get to make an impression on your attendees. 

Yet, you have to make sure the calendar is attractive and useful enough to replace the one your attendees already have pinned to their desks. We’ll leave that brainstorming up to you. 

9. A Branded Phone Charger

Along the same vein as gifting phone cases and pop sockets, branded phone chargers are sure to stick with them for longer than a few days. 

Here’s the thing, though: you’ll have to pick chargers that actually charge your attendees’ phones. We’ve all experienced those chargers that come out of the box and don’t work. 

While you may have to invest a bit more for quality chargers, it’ll be worth it. Especially, when your branded charger is someone’s last resort—they’ll thank you for helping them out with a purchase or like. 

10. Branded Straws

With more people than ever seeking out more sustainable ways to drink their Starbucks, reusable straws are all the rage.

Hand out branded metal straws at your event, so you’re engaging with your attendees and making the planet a better place at the same time. 

Plus, considering that Americans alone use up to 500 million straws every day, that’s a lot of opportunities to impact your attendees. 

Try These Unique Corporate Gift Ideas

A unique corporate gift can be the difference between a lukewarm corporate event and a total slam dunk.

So, make sure you pick up one of these gift ideas today.

Check back here for more inspiration!