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Small Business Hiring: 5 Hiring Tips for Escape Room Owners

Do you need the best employees for your new escape room? Use these 5 small business hiring tips and find the best staff for your escape room.

In 2018, 51% of business owners plan to hire new employees.

Have you been thinking about adding new staff to your escape room? Remember that your Game Masters are your guest’s main contact. It is crucial that they are happy, enthusiastic and give your guests the best experience possible.

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Read on for some tips for effective small business hiring.

1. Search for Excellent Customer Service Skills

You may think that people who love escape rooms would make the perfect employee but that’s not true.

You are looking for hosts and Game Masters that are people-oriented. It may be tempting to hire someone who is as excited about your business as you are – but don’t.

You’re looking for a game master, essentially a host, who has to be people-oriented. When you are sifting through resumes, look for people with prior experience in customer relations.

Remember, hiring staff for small businesses means that you need people who will help you keep the hard-won customer. And preventing negative reviews is crucial.

Candidates who have worked in call center support, hotel administration or event hosts are all good bets for an in-person interview.

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2. Forget Standard Interview Questions

Once you’ve made a pile of promising applicants, it’s time to interview them.

Find out about their customer service experience. Ask them to tell you about a time when they had to deal with difficult customers and stressful situations.

Give them hypothetical situations that are relevant to your business. For example, you could ask them to pretend that your team had not been able to solve a game and escape and look pretty upset. What would he or she do?

3. Ask All Candidates to Teach you a Skill

This question is gold for hiring game masters! It will set apart the candidates that will shine and the ones that won’t.

During the interview, ask your candidate to explain how to perform any skill as if you had no knowledge of it. Don’t prompt the candidates. This question will show you how well an individual can think on his or her feet.

Game Masters need to explain the rules to your guests as well as provide feedback after the game. Some of your guests will never have been to an escape room and so an excellent communicator is essential.

You might be amazed at some of the methodical, clear instructions candidates give in explaining how to make egg salad or how to paint a room.

4. Think Outside the Box

Your current staff knows what it takes to excel at your organization. Leverage their network by creating a referral rewards incentive.

Team members could earn cash for referring candidates. This not only cuts down on your search times but may also bring in the ideal candidates for your escape rooms.

Don’t shy away from non-traditional ways of searching for candidates. Consider Facebook ads to attract applicants.

5. Offer Excellent Training

Avoid thinking that you can give a one hour overview and the new staff is fully trained. Make it a priority to invest in new employee training. This is one of the most important hiring tips for small businesses that result in confident and happy employees.

Allow your new hires (or even candidates) to shadow one of your employees for a day. Then switch the roles and have an experienced member of staff shadow the new hire. This will allow the newbie to learn by doing while still having someone right there who can step in if needed.

Small Business Hiring

Hiring staff for small business is different than hiring for a large corporation. You need each member of your team to pull his or her weight. You might even need flexible workers who can step into other roles as needed.

By following these hiring tips for small businesses, you will be able to find exceptional employees who will represent your brand well and keep customers coming back again and again.

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