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A Guide to Starting a Lawn Care Company

The lawn care industry employs over one million people and spans across 600,000 companies. It’s a lucrative business that people are always in need of and is projected to continue to grow.

For these reasons, if you’re considering opening up your own lawn care company, it’s a great time to do so. Running your own company and being your own boss has never been more desired, and you can make that a reality.

Read on to learn what’s required to start a lawn care company.

Create Your Lawn Care Business Plan

The first step in starting a business is creating a business plan. This will be the outline of your company that guides you as you get from where you are now to where you want to be.

It can be as detailed as you want, and you can use whatever model you like best. Just make sure to have everything planned so that it works for you and not the other way around.

In particular, your business plan should include these sections:

  • Company Description
  • Market Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing 
  • Services Offered

By mapping out your business plan, you’ll discover exactly what you know and what you’ll have to work on. This will help to prevent any unplanned events and expenses from doing too much damage to your landscaping company.

Sharpen Your Skills

Now that your business is in motion, it’s time to sharpen your lawn care skills. Because you chose this specific industry, there’s a good chance that you already have some experience under your belt.

While you may already know the basics, it’s wise to study up, sharpen those skills, and learn some new ones too.

Running a company means competing with other businesses, so if you want yours to succeed, it needs to be the best.

Invest in Your Equipment

Your equipment will be the most significant chunk of your budget, but you have a few options.

If you don’t have a ton of cash to start with, consider renting your equipment.

You want to choose high-quality lawn care equipment that will do the best job, and renting it will give you that option. There will be fewer maintenance costs and smaller down payments.

To get started, you’ll need:

  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Edger
  • Blade Sharpener
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Leaf Blower
  • Equipment Trailer
  • Lawn Mower

This list is just a start. And, of course, if you can afford to buy it outright, that’s always an option too.

Market Your Business

To get you the customers you want and need, you’ll need to market your business. Create a business website first, specifically focusing on lawn care website design.

Make sure your website is organized and accessible. Customers should easily be able to find what services you offer, the pricing, and your contact information.

You should then promote your business on various social media platforms, which will help draw in many more local potential customers.

This Is the Sign to Start Your Lawn Care Company

Starting a lawn care company is a brilliant idea, especially if you already know a little something about the industry. Take the time to plan your business, work on your landscaping skills, and promote your company whenever and wherever possible.

Soon, you’ll be the owner of a thriving lawn care company.

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