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5 Simple Tips for Starting an AC Company

You’re finally ready to stop working for someone else and open up your own HVAC business. 

But if you want to create a successful business model and stand out from the competition, there are a few key steps you need to take. 

This list of the most important tips for starting an AC company will fill you in on everything you need to know to create an HVAC business that thrives. 

1. Understand the Licensing Requirements

First of up on our list of tips for starting an AC company? 

Know your state licensing requirements. Even if a license isn’t required in your state, it increases your reputation to get licensed anyway. You’ll usually need to pass a written exam to qualify. 

2. Get Business Insurance

You should not open the doors of your air conditioning business without insurance. 

We suggest that you have worker’s compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and commercial auto insurance if you plan to work on cars.

This post is incredibly helpful when it comes to helping you better understand insurance possibilities for your HVAC business. 

3. Earn Top Certifications 

Your air conditioning business won’t survive without employees who have the proper training and certification. 

There are several different training programs with certification that you can earn, depending on the specific HVAC niche you want to work within. 

We strongly suggest that you earn your North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification. Also, look into getting your HVAC Excellence Certification, as well as your EPA 608 Certification to prove that you can safely handle hazardous materials. 

All of these certifications will give you a huge leg up on your competitors.

4. Create a Web Presence 

Successful AC companies know the importance of having an excellent website and overall web presence as a whole. 

We suggest you start an HVAC blog, claim and complete your third-party listings, and focus on incentivizing client reviews. 

You can also write guest posts for popular home improvement blogs/websites, get active on social media, and send out email campaigns with special offers. 

5. Invest in the Right Tools

Finally, when you’re starting an air conditioning business, you need to be certain you have the right tools. 

Make sure you get: 

  • A vacuum pump
  • Voltage and multi-meter testers
  • Safety gear/uniforms
  • HVAC software
  • A refrigerant scale
  • Tin hears
  • Reciprocating saw blades

If you need larger equipment, we strongly suggest renting it at first instead of buying it outright to save money. 

Follow These Tips for Starting an AC Company

From making sure you have the proper licensing and insurance to understanding the best ways to market your AC business, we hope you’ve found these tips for starting an AC company useful. 

Looking for more advice about how to get your small business off the ground? Curious about how to hire the right employees to work for your HVAC company? Need help setting up payroll and booking appointments with clients? 

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