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The Importance of Saying Thank You with Employee Appreciation Gifts

The importance of employee appreciation gifts isn’t something to be overlooked. Your team works hard for you and your business, so make sure you say thank you!

“Thank you! I appreciate your work.”

How often do your employees hear this from you? There’s no doubt that you’re grateful for the people you’ve hired. Without them, your company might still be just a dream instead of a marketable success.

How often do you express your gratitude with employee appreciation gifts? Recognizing your employees isn’t just a boost to them; its important for your business as well. Companies that strategically show appreciation for their workers experience a 48 percent increase in employee engagement. Learn how to make your employees feel like they matter.

Be Flexible

Does your staff put in serious overtime on a regular basis?

Consider giving the gift of flexibility. Being overworked can drastically increase stress, resulting in decreased productivity for the whole team.

In a recent survey, 74 percent of people from varying professional backgrounds wanted the flexibility to maintain work/life balance.

Surprise your staff with a work-from-home day once a month. If you’re confident in your team, you can even make this a bi-weekly or weekly tradition. Let your employees work in their PJs as thanks for their dedication, and watch their productivity soar as a result.

Be Creative

When was the last time you thought outside the box in terms of employee appreciation gifts?

The element of creativity surprises and uplifts gift recipients.

Think about it: You can buy a box of generic trinkets and pass them around on a Friday afternoon, or you can dedicate time and effort to each of your employee appreciation gifts. Your staff offers time and brainpower for the benefit of your business, so why not do the same for them?

Add personality and a touch of creativity to show the extent of your gratitude. Buy the trinkets, but enclose them in handmade boxes like the ones at Making these little paper boxes takes some skill and practice, but the effort is worthwhile.

Chances are, some of your workers think you’re a soulless Scrooge. A heartfelt, homemade gift can cement a meaningful connection between you and them, and wipe those thoughts away in a flash.

Branded Employee Appreciation Gifts

Do you like free advertising?

If you appreciate building your brand as much as you care about your workers, why not give presents that celebrate both?

  • Gift-giving shouldn’t be self-serving. that said, if you have quality branded merchandise on hand, why not use it to boost your business as well as your employees’ morale.
  • Here are some innovative suggestions to say “thanks” to your staff while putting your logo out there:
  • Invest in cute branded mouse pads for the office desks.
  • Pack a bag of quality coffee beans into branded travel mugs.
  • Give hoodies and t-shirts with the business logo as holiday gifts.

If your employees love their jobs, branded gifts will only increase their fondness for you and your business.

Make A Habit Of Showing You Care

When you give employee appreciation gifts, you benefit your business as well. The importance of showing your staff that you care cannot be underestimated. Give willingly and give often. You will gain a more cohesive team and a stronger business in return.