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Self-Marketing 101: Tips and Tricks to Gain Professional Popularity

While exact numbers are difficult to come up with, experts estimate that there are over three billion people in the world today with social media profiles.

The internet is our generation’s forum for self-marketing. Whether to prospective employers or people in our extended social groups, we want to put forward our best face on social media and other online platforms.

To make the most of self-marketing opportunities in a professional sense, there are a number of important things everyone should be doing.

Read on to learn more.

What Is Self-Marketing?

As the name suggests, self-marketing is simply marketing yourself. In a professional context, it’s about making yourself look like someone who would add value to someone else’s business.

Therefore, the kind of self-marketing we’re talking about here is designed to impress hiring managers and HR executives. It’s about advertising your skills, qualifications, and ability to carry out various functions effectively.

The Basics of Self-Marketing in 2020

Like everything else nowadays, almost all self-marketing takes place online. To make yourself known to prospective employers, you need to cultivate a strong online presence.

There are a couple of different platforms upon which self-marketing takes place. The one you choose should depend on the nature of your work.

Social Media

Social media is the most important self-marketing platform we have in 2020. As we noted at the start of this post, there are billions of profiles. If you can reach even a tiny percentage of this enormous audience, you’ll be well on your way to professional growth.

Of course, there are a couple of platforms to choose from. Those working in the design space should use Instagram, while those looking for most salaried positions should use LinkedIn.

If you’re advertising a product or service, your best option is probably Facebook. When you consider the reach that the platform has, the benefits of Facebook advertising become instantly clear.


Blogs are a highly effective inbound marketing tool. If you write your posts in such a way that they score well on search engines, your reach will expand quickly.

Nowadays, when someone needs to know something, they search it on Google. If your blog can provide the answer to their question, they may consider hiring you.

Video Content

If your business has a graphic element to it, online video is a great way to build your brand. Designers, fitness experts, artists, and many other professionals have turned to YouTube and Instagram in a bid to show the world their talent.

Even if you never become a professional content creator, you can use this as a springboard for your business.

Using Online Platforms to Expand Your Professional Reach

Self-marketing is one of the most important skills for young professionals to learn nowadays. The era of having a single career for life is long over, and many people have found success in various fields by marketing themselves to different employers in different areas.

The advice we’ve given here will help you become a more desirable and better-paid professional in the years to come.

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