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8 Outstanding Small Business Ideas for College Students That Are Worth Trying Out

Are you a college student looking to start a business? Many uber-successful companies like Facebook, Dell, Snapchat, and WordPress were founded in dorm rooms and college premises. The founders of these companies were looking for ways to make their college life easier and make some extra money at the same time.

The companies, that started as mostly side gigs, are now worth billions of dollars. If you have an interesting idea and the willpower to work on it, you too can launch your own business while you’re still in college.

You’ll not only pay off your student debts ahead of time but also build something on your own instead of waiting to get hired.

Keep reading to discover 8 easy business ideas for college students that you can work on in your free time.

1. Baking Homemade Goods

If you have a knack for baking, you can start your own little bakery at home. This business idea works best if you live in your own home rather than a dorm room because you’ll need all the space you can get.

Preparing food requires special licenses and permits, so make sure you obtain all the necessary documentation before you sell anything. Then, you can decide on a niche, find the recipes, and invest in a good oven.

You can sell your goods to local coffee shops, bakeries around college campuses, or even your local supermarkets.

2. Jewelry Making

One of the most lucrative college business ideas that doesn’t require a big investment is making jewelry. All you need is a jewelry-making kit, some creativity, and a place to sell your creations.

You can start on Etsy and similar marketplaces, and once you become profitable, launch your own online store.

Besides jewelry, you can also make and sell all kinds of handmade crafts: clothes, accessories, greeting cards, art, home decor, candles, natural cosmetics, and party decorations.

3. Pet Sitting or Babysitting

If you’re an animal lover and have pets, pet sitting is a great way to make some extra money. You can make your own schedule and have fun hanging out with cute animals. Dog walking and pet grooming are additional services you can offer as you turn your passion into a full-time business.

For people who are allergic to pets, babysitting might be a better way to earn a living during college. If you build a good reputation, you can even start your own agency and hire other people to work for you.

4. Photography

Photography is a beautiful, creative hobby that you can easily turn into a business while you’re in college. Create a website for your work, share your photos on social media, and do freelance work on your own schedule. You can also offer your services around your town, college campus, and events in your area. 

Some of the best college ideas for a photography business are:

  • Senior portraits
  • Landscape photography
  • Themed photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Family and baby portraits
  • Pet photography
  • Corporate photography

No matter what style you choose, you’ll need a high-quality camera, post-production software, and of course, talent and skills. 

5. Consulting and Tutoring

Are you extremely knowledgeable in one or more college subjects? Then you can offer consulting, training, and tutoring services to fellow students, companies, and individuals.

You can work locally or create courses online and sell them on a website to people all around the world. Consulting is one of the most practical college entrepreneur ideas because it’ll prepare you for life after college and help you deal with all kinds of people.

You can also teach English as a second language to children and adults worldwide and charge by the hour.

6. Blogging and Vlogging

Running a profitable blog is one of the best ways to earn a living at college. All you need is a laptop, internet connection, a good niche, and a website. You can write about your interests and hobbies, share tips on college life, or give professional advice related to your college major.

Vloggers and YouTubers are the newest generations of entertainers with the potential to make a lot of money from a single video. You have to be interesting enough to attract followers and once you do, you can either approach companies or wait for them to find you.

7. Social Media Specialist

In this era of booming technology, social media is inevitable for young professionals. For some, it’s a way to hang out and have fun, and for others, it’s a great way to put their skills out there and find the job of their dreams.

If you can work social media well, know what people are looking for, and how to attract a big audience, consider becoming a social media specialist. This is one of those small business ideas for students that’s basically free to start. 

You can work for companies and brands, running their social media profiles, improve their online presence, and get them new customers.

8. Real Estate

Many college businesses start out small only to grow steadily with time. Real estate is a great business to get into before you graduate and a very profitable way to fund your studies.

You can start by renting out properties like northpointe student apartments to fellow students, and once you make more money, expand onto residential and corporate properties.

You’ll have an entire business going when you graduate, and you’ll have a security blanket during your job search.

Wrapping Up The Best Business Ideas For College Students

College is expensive and after graduation, you’ll likely have a mountain of student debt to pay off. Next, you have to start looking for a good job and find your own place to live. The expenses can easily drain your budget and leave you living paycheck to paycheck.

The best thing you can do for your future and financial stability is to start a business while you’re still studying. These business ideas for college students will help you start a profitable company and pave the way to success.

Now that you have a product in mind for starting a business, read this article to learn how to develop it and launch it successfully into the world.