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5 Ways to Make Money Writing

High-quality written communication can make or break a business, so it’s no wonder that marketing managers are constantly on the hunt for great writers. 
The good news is that this provides plenty of opportunities for small business owners to make money writing.

Armed with just a laptop and an internet connection, you can make yourself thousands of dollars crafting words for companies across the globe. A good writer will always be in demand.

Sounds, good right? If so, continue reading and learn 5 different ways how you can make money writing.

Enjoy Total Control as a Freelance Copywriter

Freelance writing is now a popular way of making money writing. It gives you control of your time, meaning you choose where, when and who to work for.

Whether it’s marketing leaflets, website evergreen content or product descriptions for a catalog, marketing managers rely on copywriters to make sure that they are meeting their strategic objectives.

Freelance writing can become lucrative once you become known within your niche. You will have to be ready to market yourself though. You can read more marketing myths you’ll hear from other marketers here, and why you shouldn’t believe them.

My advice would be to research marketing managers in your field of interest on LinkedIn and then message them to offer your services. They may not need copywriting services immediately, but many of them will keep the contact details of freelancers on record for when they need them.

Get a Copywriter is another fabulous place to begin building your name at the start of your journey. Sign up is free, so join today and look at the jobs on the site.

Writing Blogs for Companies

Once dismissed as an afterthought, companies rely on blog pages on their websites to keep clients informed about their products and services. In fact, last year more than half of marketers responding to a survey stated that blogging was their top marketing priority.

A well-written blog can lead to increased sales, improve SEO for the entire company website and creates an opportunity to communicate with potential customers. To be effective, company blogs will need regular content, and that’s where you come can help out.

The best way of going about this is by creating your own blog or website to show what you’re capable of. You can easily use your business experience, a hobby or interest as inspiration. The good news is there are many solutions online for creating a blog totally free of charge.

Soon you’ll be seen as a voice of authority for your specialty. This can lead to companies approaching you to help them to maintain their blog.

Get Paid for Your Social Media Wizardry

Do you have a knack for splitting your friend’s sides with your pithy Twitter posts? Are you a walking meme generator? Maybe it’s time that someone paid you to do it professionally.

Larger corporations have the manpower to create this content in-house, but lower down the chain there are opportunities to make money writing social media posts for smaller businesses.

I’ve come across many small businesses who simply can’t spare the resources to produce their own social media content. The cost of hiring a marketing agency is often out of reach as well.

The benefits of social media for business are huge though, so if you can offer them an attractive rate they’ll often give you a trial at very least.

With a bit of research on platforms like LinkedIn, you can discover companies which match your interests and experience that need support.

Check your social media posts and check which content is most popular before approaching clients, to ensure you’re showing them your very best work.

There’s Plenty of Money for Proofreaders

When brands communicate with their audiences, regardless of the channel used, they are trying to convey one thing.

They are positioning themselves as leaders within their industries to provide confidence to potential customers. Any grammar and spelling mistakes in their marketing will ruin this confidence.

I would argue that proofreading requires almost as much time as the writing does due to its importance.

You would never send an important email to your boss without checking it. Likewise, a marketing manager wouldn’t send out communications on behalf of a company without paying someone to check it thoroughly first. They understand that quality control is almost as important the content itself.

This means there are plenty of opportunities for writers with an eye for detail to make money proofreading. Jobs sites such as Indeed are always listing proofreading jobs, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Keep an eye on whether your client is using American or UK English. Apart from that you should be able to begin searching for proofreading jobs immediately.

Become an Email Marketing Star

With over half of the planet using emails now, there is plenty of money to be made as an email marketer. Alongside blogging, email marketing is one of the best gigs to land for ongoing work.

Building a loyal base of email subscribers allows companies to speak directly to consumers. That can lead to new revenue streams and profit.

This means it will always be part of the marketing department’s arsenal. A survey of retail professionals in 2016 highlighted that 80% of their customer retention was due to email marketing.

If you have any previous experience in copywriting, you should be able to transition to email marketing easily. Broader experience of digital marketing and graphic design will also help you to get your foot in the door in this field.

Make Money Writing: It’s in Your Hands

Once you understand how to make money writing, you’ll realize that your options are limitless. If you have a niche topic and know the fundamental skills required to write in an engaging way, you can write for profit in no time at all.

If you’ve enjoyed these points please visit my website. I go into much greater detail on the art of writing, as well as marketing your services to clients.