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Who Are You Talking To? 5 Reasons Your Employees Should Be Wearing Employee Name Badges

Knowing names and being called by name activates something specific in your brain. It affects self-representation and humanizes the people around you. Simply knowing someone’s name makes you more likely to cooperate toward a common goal.

Cooperation and personalization sound like the qualities of a healthy workplace.

In many industries, name identification is mandatory. Healthcare workers are required to wear photo ID badges. Journalists need press passes to get their jobs done.

Still, many businesses and offices don’t require identification. And they’re missing out on the benefits of calling employees by name.

Here are five reasons to start using employee name badges.

1. Accountability

Being more than a nameless staff member helps employees to behave professionally at all times. Whether they’re on the floor or on their way to the breakroom, wearing a name tag keeps employees accountable.

Name tags can also be used to check in and out on the time clock. This tightens up a loose atmosphere and sets expectations.

2. Team Building

When you know someone’s name, you feel a sense of connection. In the workplace, this is important for team building. Name tags make communication easier.

It’s especially helpful for new employees to have a reference for names. It’s one less thing to worry about as they’re learning the ropes.

The Best Name Badges are easy to read and easy to put on.

Putting on a magnetic name tag is a snap. It literally snaps into place. A large, simple typeface is good for instant readability.

3. Customer Relations

Professional name tags streamline customer relations.

When clients or consumers have a positive experience, they know who to thank at the personal and corporate level. When there’s negative feedback, identifying the names of those involved helps pinpoint problem areas.

Even when customers have an average interaction with your company, name tags make people seem more approachable. Customers will be more likely to ask for help and get exactly what they’re looking for, which can improve their impression of your store.

4. Branding

Something about ID tags on lanyards and reels reads instantly professional. Use name tags to elevate your atmosphere and reinforce your brand.

Create a consistent employee name badge template with your logo and a complementary font. You can color-code them for different levels of staff and access.

Even if you use traditional pin tags, being consistent with style and labeling will look polished.

5. Security

When your business has sensitive areas, you can use name tags to control security.

Distinguish among access tiers with something that’s recognizable from far away. Colors or orientation are easy to spot. You can also use QR codes encrypted with important information.

Protecting your property with badges provides security from former employees. They lose admittance once they turn their badges in or get deactivated from the system.

Name tags can also be useful in emergencies. They make it easier to take headcounts and review check-ins.

Adopt Employee Name Badges for a More Cohesive Workspace

Employee name badges can make your workspace more cohesive. They provide accountability, help with interpersonal and customer relations and can even be a point of security.

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