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Understanding the Remote Work Shift: 10 Tips to Make It Successful

The world is changing towards a remote work lifestyle. 

Due to the current times, we are living in, more and more people are embracing this new change. Zoom meetings replace board meetings, and you can even wear your pajamas to your home office. 

Though this could be the new normal, there are a wide variety of individuals who may not be used to this shift in their work-life. From having a hard time staying productivity to feeling burnt out, the glamorization of working from home can be easily tainted by the lack of routine and order that is obtained by a traditional commute or office space. 

The remote work shift is underway in several industries. This is thanks to technological improvement and word events. If you are currently working remotely, here are ten tips to make it successful. 

1. Act Like You Are Going to Commute 

When you are working remote, it is effortless to just roll out of bed and waltz over to your computer screen. Eyes still heavy from sleep and pajamas still on. 

Though this can be nice for a short time, eventually, you can begin to feel lethargic or just not prepared for the day ahead. When you are working remotely, a great way to boost productivity and optimize your situation is to keep a routine as if you were commuting. 

If you can, wake up at the same time every day. Make your coffee and breakfast. Shower, brush your teeth, get dressed. Even if you are not adorned with your usual office garb, it is still essential to move from your sleep time to your work time. 

According to psychologists, the way you dress can affect your mood. So it’s best to try to stick to a morning routine that will set your day up for success. 

2. Limit Distractions

This one may be easier said than done; however, when you are working a remote shift, you must limit the distractions in your workflow. 

Not only is working from home more relaxed in the sense that you are not being watched by a supervisor or coworkers consistently, but now it is up to you to get your work done efficiently. 

The most optimal way to limit distractions is to act as if your home is your office. Limit your phone time, don’t turn on the television, and try to keep your work time as similar to your office as possible. 

Would you browse social media for three hours in the office? Probably unlikely. So, keep that same attitude when you have a remote work shift. 

3. Keep a Dedicated Work Space

Though it is tempting to work from your bed or couch, that may not be the most productive place to get things done. 

Even if you do not have a home office, if you can turn a space in your home to a dedicated work area, you will see the benefits. Having a separate workspace allows your head to get into the zone and get work done. 

The commute from your bed to your computer can get your mind ready for the day. When you have a dedicated workspace, there is a separation of spaces in your home. When you are done with work, you can leave that space for the day and feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Additionally, if you work from your bed, it can lower your productivity, since you are in a place of leisure and may want to sneak in that catnap. Overall, having a dedicated workspace is optimal for a remote work shift. 

It allows your brain to know “it’s work time” and will allow you to feel more productive. 

4. Do Take Breaks

When you work remotely, you are, in some ways, are in charge of yourself and what you get done. Of course, in some ways, you still have a deadline or are even on the clock. 

However, if you can take breaks and allow your brain a rest, one of the difficulties in working from home is the fact that you can feel like your work and personal life are more intertwined, or that you are doing more work than you usually are. 

If this is the case, stand up from your desk. Go for a walk, make a second (or third) cup of coffee. It is okay to let your brain breathe and get recharged to take on the rest of the day. 

5. Stay Organized

When you are working remotely, you may have all of your work content spewed across your dining room table, couch, bedroom, etc. 

It is imperative to stay organized, and this means having all of your content is a neat and handy place that is easily accessible. Does your job require faxing, printing, or certified mail? Well, keep all of that content at your workspace for ease of access. 

There is a lot of power that comes from a clean workspace. This can be beneficial for your mental health, in addition to boosting your mood and productivity. 

6. Always Be Adaptable

In this current time, a lot of companies are going remotely for the first time. It can be frustrating figuring out the logistics of how to make your new workflow work, but it is essential to be adaptable to this change. 

Additionally, there may be trials and errors when it comes to what works and what does not. Though there is a lot of stress that can be occurring, just do what you can to work with your team and make this experience as best as it can be. 

If something does not work or you want to suggest a change, do it. By implementing changes, you are creating solutions and helping your colleagues be more adaptable as well. 

7. Finding New Ways to Network 

Working remotely can be isolating, and can sometimes hinder your networking circle. If this is the case, try to find new ways to communicate with others and share your experiences in this new environment. 

Social media is an excellent tool for exposure and sharing your thoughts, post your content, or even reach out to colleagues, friends, or people you wish to connect with. This way, you can continue building your professional circle and keep in touch during this lonelier time. 

8. Organize Your Time For Your Remote Work Shift

When you work remotely, you are now in control of how your work gets done. You still need to hit those deadlines, but in some ways, you can divide and conquer your work in a way that benefits you. 

Organizing your workday and setting specific goals can keep you motivated, and can help you accomplish your work without falling behind. The most significant benefit of working remotely is independence, but the biggest drawback is the lack of organization. 

With having your day planned, you will feel more at ease and accomplished in your workday. 

9. Keep Communication Going

Since this is a new way to work for a lot of people, there is bound to be a miscommunication somewhere along the way. It is best to always over-communicate with your coworkers to make sure you are all on the same page. 

Set up a work group chat, go into a video call. This way, you can know that you are all working together and for a common goal. It is essential that if there are any issues, you are about to solve them together. 

10. Go Outside

Working from home eliminates your commute, which can, in turn, affect how often you go outside. Staying in your home can be cozy, but can also lead to lethargy and feeling a bit down. 

When your work is completed, go for a walk. If you have a work call, take it outside. It is crucial to maintain a healthy balance in your work life that will promote productivity and a positive mood. Sunlight is great, so if you can bring that to your workspace, do that. 

Open that window, let the breeze in, or talk a stroll around your neighborhood. With this, you can go outside of your cave and get a boost of vitamin D that will be beneficial to your overall work and life balance. 

The Best Tips for Successfully Working Remote

With these ten tips, you will be able to conquer working from home and make it successful.

From adjusting your schedule to having an organized workspace, and making sure you are setting yourself up for a great day by dressing for success, these tools will be beneficial to make sure you are having the best remote work shift possible. 

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