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Tips For Hiring Great Personnel To Fill Your Open Positions

It takes time, money, patience, and good recruitment skills to find the right employee. In monetary terms, hiring a new employee can cost your business over $20,000. If you’re hiring five employees, you’re already looking at a six-figure expense.

As a small business, you certainly can’t afford to make the wrong hires. High employee turnover will dent your bottom line big time.

When you set out to fill open positions, you must focus on hiring great personnel. No ifs or buts.

But how do you pull this off?

Continue reading to learn how to bring in the perfect employees every time you’re on a recruitment drive.

Build a Great Workplace Culture

Hiring great personnel doesn’t begin on the day you advertise your open positions. It begins long before those open positions arise.

You see, a 2019 Glassdoor survey established that 77 percent of job seekers consider organizational culture before they apply for a job. 56 percent of the respondents said company culture plays a greater role in job satisfaction than salary.

As such, if you want to attract the best job candidates and therefore enhance your chances you hiring great personnel, start by building a great company culture.

Yet, building organizational culture isn’t something that happens overnight. A great culture is usually a result of several months or years of developing the right workplace policies, encouraging positive thinking, promoting fairness, and more.

With a positive organizational culture, job seekers will be more willing to work in your company.

Grow Your Company’s Online Presence

Your company might have the best workplace culture, but without a strong online presence, not many people will know about it. This is why you need to invest in marketing your company on the web.

Start by creating company pages on relevant social networking platforms. LinkedIn is a must, especially when you want to recruit new employees. After signing up, implement a content strategy that focuses on highlighting your company’s strong points.

Next, create a blog and post refreshing and quality content. Here, you could share information about your company’s products and services, workplace environment, community programs, and other details that will help people know more about the organization.

Developing a strong online presence requires expertise and consistency. If you don’t have the relevant skills or the time to implement an online strategy, consider outsourcing the task to a marketing agency in your industry. If you’re a franchise, give the job to an experienced franchise marketing company.

Gradually, your company will become more visible on the web. Job seekers will be able to easily find it when they’re searching for terms that are related to your niche.

Craft Clear Descriptions of Your Open Positions

Ever perused through a job description that left you confused about what exactly was required of a potential applicant? If yes, you probably ignored it.

The same thing will happen to your job advertisements if the position descriptions are vague.

Before putting up an ad, ensure the job descriptions are accurate and satisfactory. Avoid the temptation of throwing in generic roles and responsibilities. Go into the specifics and ensure potential applicants have a clear picture of their job.

Describe the typical work environment. How much physical activity does the job involve? What are the regular hours? Will the position holder need to work late on some occasions?

Is the job available on a permanent or contract basis? What are the qualification requirements? When will the open position expire?

The more information you give about the open positions, the higher the amount of interest it will evoke among potential applicants. As a result, you will receive more applicants, from which you’ll have a good chance of finding great personnel.

Where You Advertise Your Open Position Matters

If you’re an old school business owner, your first instinct would be to post your vacancies in the local dailies.

Well, that still works but isn’t as effective as online advertising. 60 percent of job seekers use online job boards to find open positions.

As such, it’s essential to advertise your open position on online job boards in your industry. LinkedIn is also a great platform, as is your company website.

You can also ask your current employees to spread word about the open positions. Chances are they know people who could make great hires.

Work with Recruitment Experts

Many a time, employers pass up the opportunity to hire the best applicant simply because they don’t know how to tell a good hire form a great hire.

When you receive several applications where everyone meets the qualifications, it’s understandable that you might not be able to make the right pick. Sometimes there is only a marginal difference among applicants that making a great pick is a thing of luck.

Well, this is why you need recruitment experts on your interview panel. These professionals know how to tell great applicants from good applicants. They will help you make the right selections.

Build a Talent Pool

Hiring great personnel doesn’t end the moment you fill up your open positions. Sooner or later you will need to expand your team or an employee will jump ship.

Building a talent pool takes care of your future recruitment needs. Instead of purging the applications you received from previous job advertisements, put them in a talent pool. Just because a certain applicant didn’t make the cut last time doesn’t mean they won’t be great hires in the future.

Hiring Great Personnel Made Simple!

Behind any successful company is a great team of employees.

As an employer, one of your biggest priorities is to build the perfect team. This means hiring great personnel every time a position opens up. With this guide, you now know the steps you need to take to get the employees of your dreams.

All the best and stay tuned to our blog for more small business advice.