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The Top 3 Best iPad Apps for Scheduling Your Employees

You had another no-show today at work because of your confusing scheduling. Your old ways of doing the schedule just aren’t working out anymore.

Luckily, there are apps for scheduling out there that can reduce conflict and make things easier for everyone.

Here are the top 3 best iPad apps for scheduling your employees:

1. When I Work

When I Work is one of the scheduling apps that employers can use to benefit them. Along with scheduling, it also works as a time clock app.

When I Work can be used by 75 users or less. Shift notification features can tell employees when their schedule has been posted. This feature can also notify you when an employee has seen their schedule.

Available shifts can be picked up by employees who can help when there is a scheduling conflict. Shifts and specific tasks can be assigned daily or weekly.

2. Shiftboard

Shiftboard is one of the best apps for scheduling when you have a lot of complex schedules to work with. It offers an Automate Scheduling Software that can work with difficult schedules and fit them in to make them work.

It also follows overtime restrictions, shifts swapping, push notifications, and mobile clock in and out.

Employees and managers can benefit from this app because they can work from one schedule. This can improve scheduling accuracy, control overtime, and lower the probability of no-shows.

3. Shifty

Shifty is an easy to use app for scheduling. The drag and drop feature is simple for anyone to master.

With shifty, you can do everything in one place. You will be able to manage the staff, assign shifts, and more.

Benefits of Apps For Scheduling

Employee scheduling software can offer a lot of benefits. These apps can create schedules that produce consistent results, reduce labor costs, and more.

Other benefits of using a scheduling app include easy collaborative scheduling, remote access, avoiding overtime, better communication for everyone, and more efficiency.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of apps for scheduling is that they can be accessed on an iPad. This tablet is the perfect size to carry around and bring with you anywhere. Your scheduling can be done in the comfort of your home if you want.

Some may find using an iPad inconvenient for typing, but there are accessories you can buy to make working on an iPad easier. For example, modern iPad stands can hold tablets up and make them easier to use for a long period. These stands can hold your tablet in place when you need to use the touchscreen features for scheduling apps on the iPad.

Scheduling Made Easier

Apps for scheduling can make your life and the life of your employees a lot easier. Start scheduling with apps for iPad to reap all of the benefits.

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