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The Secret to Managing Emotions in the Workplace

“You’ve got me feeling emotions!” Sorry about that… you’ll sing that song in your head for the rest of the day now.

Mariah Carey had it right though when she sang about how serious emotions affect us, mind, body, and soul. 

As a businessperson, it’s important to keep your emotions in check. Because becoming an emotional basketcase doesn’t help any situation. 

In this article, we’ll give you some of our top tips for handling emotions in the workplace.

Anxiety: Meditate, Don’t Complicate

Anxiety, stress, worry, tension… whatever you want to call it. It’s not a healthy state of mind. Too much of that stuff leads to physical diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Plus, when you’re stressed out about work, it puts a cramp in the rest of your life.

When dealing with stress and anxiety, take yourself away from the situation. Try a daily meditation ritual. Meditation is an effective way of calming your body down and fighting back fears. 

It’s also important to remember not to complicate the situation by adding more stress. Know your limits and put your foot down when you’ve reached one. It’s okay to say no when you feel like a project might put you over the edge.

Anger: Step Back & Check Yourself

If you want to lose your career, then anger is the way to go. Keeping anger under control at work is one of the most essential elements of being a successful businessperson.

Try taking an EQ test online to help you understand how anger and other emotions affect your ability to make decisions. The better you know your emotional triggers, the better you’ll keep anger at bay. And you can use this test to evaluate job candidates in the future. 

Step back when you feel angry. 

There are times when you can’t physically leave a place. But you can mentally check out for a moment to compose yourself. Do this by closing your eyes and practicing deep breathing exercises. 

Another thing to try is thinking about what you look like when you’re angry. We’re serious here. When you’re angry, you’re more likely to act embarrassing and look like a crazy person.

So think about how your face gets red and how you must look to someone watching you from the outside. That thought alone might drop your anger level from 10 to 0. 

Frustration: Stop, Drop, & Roll with the Punches

Frustration is the little brother of anger. You don’t want him growing up to be like his big bro.

So the key to keeping frustration down is to stop what you’re doing and think about the root of the problem. Maybe there’s something you can do to make the work less frustrating. 

The problem is that sometimes, things are just frustrating and there’s no way around it. That’s when it’s time to drop your negative attitude and roll with the punches.

Find something positive in the situation and focus on that instead. Create a positive situation out of a negative one by changing your attitude.

Deal with Emotions in the Workplace

Emotions in the workplace can be a productivity killer. It’s important to deal with your emotions before they deal with you. And we hope these little tips help you out. 

Remember, anxiety, anger, and frustration are part of every work environment at some point or another. Know your triggers. And find things calm you down, like meditation or changing your attitude toward the situation. 

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