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Outsource Jobs for More Efficiency: 5 Tasks You Should Be Outsourcing

It costs over $4,000 to hire a new employee. 

Especially if you’re a younger or smaller business, you simply may not be able to come up with that money right now. However, you’re concerned that if you don’t add more members to your marketing, product development, and customer service teams, you won’t be able to keep up with the competition. 

How can you avoid having to choose between making a profit and the ability to grow and expand your business? 

If you outsource jobs, you won’t have to. 

Of course, not every aspect of your business can be outsourced to freelance team members or firms. 

Which ones can? 

Read on to learn more about jobs that can be outsourced. 

1. Content Marketing 

If you can only choose one of the outsource tasks on this list, make it content and digital marketing. 

Not only do you not have time to create and respond to social media posts, blog posts, guest articles, and even tutorial videos. 

The chances are good that you also don’t have much of an understanding about how to optimize them for SEO and how to create content that’s in-line with what your target market will respond to. 

Luckily, there are tons of freelancers and content marketing firms that do. 

Outsourcing content marketing ensures that your brand has a consistent posting schedule. It also means that your followers and subscribers get answers to their questions and that you can get the word out about your company and what you do. 

2. IT Services 

More than 18.5 million websites are hacked into every day. 

This means that you’ve likely already had a problem with hacking (whether or not you know about it) or that you will very soon. 

You can’t compromise on the necessity of IT services, but you can avoid having to hire an in-house IT team. 

IT support is certainly one of the most important outsource jobs of all.

This is because it keeps your website online so customers can make purchases. It also keeps your software, computer network, and above all, data security programs up-to-date. 

You’ll get the same 24/7 support you would with an in-house IT staff, meaning that you’ll be alerted the moment there’s an issue. You’ll even get reports about suspicious activity, updates, and likely basic website analytics from your IT firm. 

3. Customer Support/Admin

You want to be able to respond to your customers’ inquiries and issues as soon as possible. 

But in between managing your website, meeting with your team and other clients, and developing new ideas, you’re concerned that customer service is falling through the cracks. 

You know this isn’t sustainable, and the future of your business is at stake. 

You absolutely need to work with a back office outsourcing firm. 

Outsourcing your customer service means you’ll get assistance with:

  • Appointment setting and reminders
  • Customer complaints and questions
  • Data entry
  • Customer follow-up emails/communication
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Your daily calendar
  • Staff meeting scheduling
  • Taking office phone calls
  • Social media management

And many other administrative tasks.

4. Payroll and Accounting Services

Especially if you’re a newer business, you may not need to have a full-time, in-office accounting team. 

However, you know that missed or delayed paychecks or problems with customer invoicing can ruin office morale and cause you to lose valuable clients. 

Outsourcing payroll and accounting won’t just save you time and stress. 

Sure, you could attempt to handle your taxes on your own, but the last thing you want to do is make a mistake and get into trouble with the IRS. Plus, as your business grows, you’ll find it harder and harder to keep track of expense reports, payroll, and other accounting tasks. 

Quite often, accounting professionals can inform you about tax incentives and identify areas where you’re spending far too much money. 

They won’t just help you keep track of payroll and ensure everyone gets paid on time. They’ll actively save your business money, too. 

5. Your Shipping Services

Shipping your products isn’t only time-consuming, expensive, and stressful.

It also means that you have to have the room to keep your inventory in-house. As you grow, you may find that you’re simply out of space. 

You’ll know when to outsource your shipping if you’ve run out of warehouse space, find you’re spending most of your day coordinating shipping, and if your customer support lines are constantly clogged with requests for shipping updates. 

Outsourcing shipping and logistics offer countless advantages. Not only will you be able to broaden your target market (especially internationally.) You can also learn more about ways to speed up your shipping process and lower the cost of shipping your products to consumers. 

We think everyone you do business with will appreciate that.

Outsource Jobs to Keep Your Business Booming

While you can’t outsource everything, we hope this list has taught you that taking advantage of outsource jobs is something that every entrepreneur can benefit from. 

Plus, when you outsource certain tasks, you’ll be able to “sample” popular firms and services that you may decide to work with later on in the long-term. Make sure you take the time to connect with past customers and read online reviews before you make any final decisions about who to work with. 

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