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Make Office Life More Interesting by Throwing a Killer Corporate Event

Planning an epic corporate event? Good idea!

Showing your employees and colleagues a good time with an out-of-office bash is a great way to network, build comradery and market your business. 

But how do you throw the perfect party?

Read on to learn what it takes to throw the best corporate event of the season. 

Hire a Planner

If you’re planning to throw an amazing corporate event for your business, don’t cut corners when it comes to proper planning and organization. 

Without a planner, logistics will fall on your shoulders or on those of your employees who you’ll have to recruit to help plan.

A large-scale corporate event will have a lot of moving parts and require a professional

A planner will take care of all the little behind-the-scenes items that need to be completed in order for an event to go off without a hitch. 

This goes for food, drinks, seating, entertainment, caterers, bartenders and the overall flow of the evening and the event space itself. They’ll cover getting the invites out and keeping track of who’s attending. 

Nothing is worse than a poorly organized event, and the lack of a planner will definitely show and put a damper on your guests’ experience. 

Select a Great Venue

The right venue can make or break any event. This is probably the first big decision you’ll make with the help of your planner. 

You want to find a space that is geographically easy to get to for the majority of your guests.

You’ll also want to consider the size. You don’t want guests on top of each other in a small space but an oversized venue can make the party feel empty and lifeless. 

You’ll also want to consider parking. Is there a valet or an easily accessible parking lot?

What about decor? Does it feel overly corporate and stiff or like a place your work colleagues and employees can let loose and enjoy themselves?

You want to set the right mood with an atmosphere and ambiance that people will want to hang out in for the evening. 

Party with a Purpose

Because this is a corporate event, you should have a goal or aspiration in mind for the party and what you hope to gain from it.

Are you introducing a new product? Thanking your employees? What about announcing some big company news?

While it’s nice to throw a “just because” party, that probably isn’t the best way to get the most out of the money you’ll be spending on the bash. 

Decide what you hope to get from the event of what you want to communicate with your colleagues and employees and then make a list of corporate event ideas

These can be different themes that range from the seasons like a summer-time BBQ or Winter Wonderland. Try to select a theme that ties in with the message you’re trying to convey to your staff. 

Throw Your Corporate Event Today! 

With the tips above, you’re well on your way to throwing an unforgettable corporate event that will have those in your industry talking about your party for some time. 

Remember to stay organized with a planner, don’t cut corners, select the best venue possible and decide what you want to get out of the party.  

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