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Happy and Healthy: How to Improve Employee Well Being

Have you ever tried to run your company without employees? Of course you haven’t.

Without your workers, nothing would get done. Likewise, if you don’t take good care of your workers, don’t expect great work performance from them.

If you’re wondering what you can do to boost employee well being, look no further. Use the tips below for a healthy, happy, hardworking workforce.

Nature: Bring Some of the Outside Inside

The studies are in and your parents were right. When they said being cooped up inside all day was bad for your health, it was all true.

In one study, introducing natural light to the workplace resulted in better sleep patterns and higher energy levels among employees. More rest and more energy make for happier, more productive employees.

Another study tells us that putting live plants in the office boosts concentration and job satisfaction. It also led to a 15% increase in productivity.

But these aren’t an option for every office. If indoor plants aren’t allowed and sunlight isn’t available, get some HD screens. Even simulated views of nature broadcasted in HD can improve employee health.

Start Fitness Challenges

Many of your employees already track their daily steps with a pedometer app on their phone. With a little added incentive, you’ll have all your employees doing it–and competing for highest step count!

The key is to turn step tracking into a fitness challenge for your whole team. Hand out reliable fitness trackers to each employee when they clock in. Then collect the tracker and record steps when they clock out.

You can offer a single prize for the winner each month. Or offer smaller prizes for all employees at certain benchmark step counts and a larger grand prize for the winner.

This is just one great fitness challenge example. Alternatively, you could hold a jump rope contest or a track race that employees train for at home.

There are plenty of others to research. You can also come up with your own.

Conduct Safety Audits

Occasionally, new practices or equipment is introduced into your workplace without any thought given to safety. Far too often, these additions don’t get the safety check necessary to prevent workplace accidents.

Conducting regular safety audits at your workplace helps you find and fix safety risks that may have flown in under the radar.

Start by checking workplace safety documentation and make sure you’re up to company and legal standards. Record this data on a checklist.

For any safety risks you find, come up with a plan of action and implement it right away.

Take Preventative Measures

In addition to obviously dangerous accident risks, there are smaller dangers everywhere. We’re referring to ergonomics.

Do your employees have adequate chairs or standing desks to ensure proper posture and prevent back pain? Is the equipment they use, like the copier or printer, ergonomically designed? Or does it hurt their wrists to operate it?

Slowly causing your employees to develop carpal tunnel syndrome certainly won’t help their health, stress levels, or productivity.

Ensure Access to Physical And Mental Health Care

Obviously, you should be providing adequate health care for your employees. But there are ways to go above and beyond in making sure your employees are taken care of. By doing so you’ll drastically decrease sick days in your office.

Most importantly, pay attention to your employees’ health. If you show genuine concern over their well being, they’ll be more likely to see a doctor when they need to.

Insist they receive the care they need. It’s better they take good care of their health right away than to get worse or stay sick longer.

Pay attention to mental health, too. If you see worse-than-average stress, anxiety, or depression among your employees, do something.

Research CBT therapists or other mental health professionals covered by the health benefits you provide. Have this information available in the office or say something personally.

Employee Well Being Equals Company Well Being

No one can or wants to do a great job for a cruel, uncaring boss. Show your employees you care. Use these tips to ensure employee well being in your office.

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