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Creating a Compelling Employer Branding Strategy

The statistics say that employee engagement is now up to 34 percent. Ideally, you will want to raise your engagement way above that percentage.

An employer branding strategy is a must if you want to make your business the employer of choice among top-performers in your field. To attract them, you must have an effective branding strategy.

However, you may be wondering how you can make your company the most attractive option for top talent. Here are some tips for taking your company to the next level.

1.  Get Your Name on the Reviews

It is well known that review sites such as Glassdoor and Trustpilot can make or break your company image. These are usually some of the first places that a person will look before they apply for a company.

Treating your employees right is the key to good reviews on these critical review sites because they are the ones that will rate you. Give your current employees a nudge and let them do a review, often people forget to do this when they are satisfied with the company.

However, dissatisfied employees are always the first to review. You cannot stop this, but their voice should not drown out that of satisfied ones.

Social media sites such as Facebook also have a significant impact on employer branding because this is where clients and customers tend to do reviews. Your goal should be to provide stellar service so that when you ask a customer to do a review they will be happy to rate you highly.

2. Do You Have Gear?

Gear is one of the quickest ways to brand your company. You must have an online swag store.

Employees should be rewarded with items from the swag store when they perform well. You can also give their children or other family members swag too.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make people feel that you care and spread the word about your positive company culture.

3. Create a Candidate Persona

Who do you want to work for you? It is important that you let potential employees know what kind of person you employ.

This goes beyond the regular academic qualifications. The kind of person you employ will help to create the culture of your company.

You want to make it clear on your website the type of persona that will fit in at your company.

4. Refine Your Onboarding Process

Your onboarding process is essential for your company branding. You must make the process as seamless as possible with relevant training and support.

The sooner employees can feel as if they are a part of your organization, the more likely you are to retain them, and this will decrease your employee turnover rate.

You will become known as the company where employees are likely to stay.

A Final Look at Creating an Employer Branding Strategy

Your employer branding strategy is one of the most critical aspects of your company image. The success of this strategy will allow you to attract people that can grow your business and take it to the next level.

This will put your business in the spotlight in a positive way and make excellent employees stay.

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