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Building Team Morale: 5 Team Building Events to Increase Staff Bonding

A lack of effective teamwork isn’t just an annoyance, it’s actually really bad for your business. It can cause extra mistakes, wasted time, and even project failure.

Stress is one key root of poor teamwork. Stressed out employees rarely perform at the top of their game. Trivial interpersonal issues can explode into major issues.

You can limit these problems by encouraging stress-reducing behaviors in the office. Sometimes, though, the best solutions for morale boosting and team building happen outside the office.

Here are five team building events that can help your staff develop a better rapport.

1. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of those activities that doesn’t rely on any special location or personality. You don’t even need outsourcing for it if you’re creative.

All you need is some decent weather and the city around you. Build the hunt around clues, so the team must collaborate to find the answer.

Everyone gets out of the office, sees the sun, and get some fresh air.

2. Photography Class

A photography class offers you a few benefits. It’s a skill many people wish they had or wish they did better. So, you earn some goodwill from the aspiring photographers. 

It’s a practical skill for your marketing people. You can outsource the really important photos, but let them handle lower-level images.

It’s not all about the touchy-feely skills that make half your staff dread team-building events.

It’s something where you can measure results at the end, which will appeal to the left-brain employees. It’s also creative, which will appeal to your right-brain employees.

3. Take in a Show

If your company operates in a decent sized city, there’s probably a few theaters in the area running shows year-round. Taking in a show lets you help out another local business and is a treat for employees. 

You can even step things up by bringing everyone to the theater in style. Have everyone meet at the office and arrange transportation with this great limo company. Everyone loves looking like a superstar when they arrive.

Plus, it gives everyone something to talk about the next day.

4. Bowling

Bowling is low-intensity enough that almost every employee can participate. Even better, it doesn’t matter if no one has ever bowled before.

Since there’s a lot of time between turns, it’s the perfect opportunity for employee bonding.

5. Field Trip

Remember how exciting field trips were when you were in school? For adults, a business-sanctioned field trip to a museum or a local attraction will feel like playing hooky.

People will relax and talk with each other. This is an especially good way for you to break down silos in your office. 

Parting Thoughts on Team Building Events

Team building events give you a chance to avoid the worst consequences of poor teamwork. Your employees get a chance to learn something, interact with each other in a low-key scenario, or have fun.

You can arrange very structured events, such as a photography class or a scavenger hunt. Less structured options include field trips, bowling, and taking in a show.

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