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9 Key Things all Job Recruiters Look For

Around 67 percent of recruiters say that they find it harder than ever to find talented candidates.

If you want to secure a job opportunity with the help of a job recruiter, you need to show particular key traits to stand out from the crowd.

When the recruiter job interview questions are thrown at you, you’ll know how to respond effectively to make a good impression.

Are you ready to discover the things you need to display to impress a recruiter? Keep reading below!

1. Curiosity for the World 

Are you interested in how things work? Do you read non-fiction books for fun?

Recruiters want someone who displays a curiosity for the world. You shouldn’t struggle to convey your enthusiasm and curiosity about the job.

Simply ask questions about the company’s culture and values. Discuss how you can achieve your goals with the employer.

Don’t go into the interview without having already done background research into the company. Always do your homework!

It’s great if you have a thirst for knowledge. But, you also have to possess the skills to get the relevant answers and information you require.

2. Dependable and Punctual 

You can’t run an organization if people aren’t reliable. Do you deliver on what you promised? Are you always on time for work?

Your employer needs to be able to trust that you’ll always do what you say. They don’t want unpredictability. 

You can demonstrate this by showing up for the interview five minutes early and immediately send over your resume when requested. 

3. Ambitious to Succeed

People who are ambitious know what they want to achieve in their career. Employers want someone who is in it for more than a monthly salary.

Do you think you have got ambition? You need to be able to demonstrate ambition in an interview with a recruiter.

You could give examples of your ambition. Recall when you showed leadership to conquer challenges and achieve results. 

4. An Ability to Learn

No matter what your previous experience is. There are bound to be things to learn once you get the job.

You need to show that you can continuously learn new things.

Your educational achievements with degrees and diplomas show that you can comprehend and digest new information easily.

However, the recruiter is also looking for someone who reflects on their experience and learns lessons from them.

You may even be asked to talk about pas failures. Everyone fails, but some people learn valuable lessons from failure.

5. Sense of Humor 

You may be surprised to hear that recruiters also look for a sense of humor. Nobody wants to work with someone who cannot show any humility and laugh at themselves.

Of course, skills and experience are always the most important. But, you also need to be the right fit for a company.

You shouldn’t attempt to show your sense of humor with a joke on your resume or a pun in your covering letter.

Just be yourself during the interview. You don’t have to be a comedian either. Just smile and show that you’re not always serious. 

6. Determination and Resilience

In any job, you’re going to encounter challenges.

You need to display the determination to get things done under difficult circumstances. When there are hurdles, you need to show resilience to go forward.

How would you show your grit and determination to a recruiter? 

You need to refer to times when you overcame problems in your previous experience. When did you achieve results regardless of challenges?

Maybe you had limited resources or a short period of time to deliver. And yet, you successfully achieved results despite this.

7. Honesty and Openness

Never lie on your resume or in an interview. You’ll eventually get found out and then you’ll struggle to gain employment.

Recruiters know how to spot a fake. Be honest about your qualifications and skills. Don’t say you’re a master on photoshop if you’ve never used the program before.

Even if you have difficult things to share. Were you fired because of a difference of opinion with your previous employer?

Most recruiters will be understanding. Just don’t get caught lying. Instead, be open about why you think you’re an excellent candidate. 

8. Positive Energy

You may have everything on paper. But, unless you possess a positive attitude, you could find that you’re consistently rejected from jobs.

Recruiters want you to display optimism. People don’t want to have to raise your spirits every day because of your cynic worldview.

Positivity is also infectious. If you can spread around your positive energy around the workplace, you can drive forward your coworkers.

You need to think of examples when other people gave up before you did. If you can show that you kept believing even when everything was against you, you’ll have job recruiters lining up for you.

9. Go-Getting Attitude 

Recruiters are always impressed by candidates who make things happen by themselves. 

You cannot be spoon-fed all the time. If you have to get in touch with a client, what are you willing to do to make contact?

This attitude isn’t something you can teach. You either have the ability to pull yourself up from your bootstraps or you don’t.

Recruiter Job Interview Questions

If you’re wondering how to prepare for recruiter job interview questions, then you need to be able to show that you have the above nine key things. 

Recruiters don’t only care about your qualifications and skills. They want a candidate with the right qualities to succeed in the workplace.

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