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10 Virtual Office Assistant Roles Your Business Would Benefit From Using

Did you know it’s three times cheaper to hire a virtual office assistant than a full-time employee?

This is one of the many advantages of hiring a virtual assistant to benefit your business. The role of a virtual assistant covers many areas and if you’re unsure about what they are, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s start with the benefits first. 

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Office Assistant

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant?

There are many benefits of a virtual assistant besides saving labor costs. Virtual assistants are more productive because they’re able to focus their attention on getting things done without being distracted at the office. 

Plus, they offer great flexibility. Virtual office assistants work around your schedule even if you’re overseas. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with their work, you can end the contract which is easier than with a full-time employee. 

Virtual office assistants are a fantastic solution for growing businesses. You may want an extra team member but you’re not sure how quickly your business will grow. Instead, you can hire a virtual assistant to help you without compromising your budget.

The 10 Top Virtual Office Assistant Roles

“What exactly does a virtual assistant do?” You ask.

The virtual associate position is versatile so they help with everything the employer needs help with. Here are the top 10 roles a virtual assistant can do, for example:

1. Administrative Roles

Many businesses start hiring office assistants to assist with their administrative tasks. This includes answering phone calls, organizing your to-do list with upcoming events, and scheduling appointments. 

Because many scheduling tools are done online, your virtual assistant can handle meeting invitations and plan events so you don’t have to.

2. Personal Tasks 

You can ask your virtual assistant to streamline your personal life. They can book travel arrangements for family getaways, organize your personal calendar, and help you make purchases like a gift for your co-worker.

Virtual assistants also handle social tasks like writing holiday cards or thank you notes. And they’re excellent at finding hotels thanks to a wide range of travel tools online.

3. Content Creation 

Content writing is a fantastic way to boost your site’s search engine optimization so produce informative articles for existing and new customers.

You can either ask your virtual assistant to upload your blog posts onto your site or ask them to write articles on your behalf. Or ask your virtual assistant to do the research, source or edit images, and update your blog.

4. Finance Management

It’s important to note that a virtual assistant can’t do taxes for you but a virtual CFO can. They can overlook budgets, make purchases, and monitor your expenses to keep business running smoothly. 

Employers can give virtual assistant bookkeeping responsibilities so they can handle outstanding voices and unpaid bills. But because you’re handing over passwords, you must find a trustworthy virtual assistant as it could harm your business.

5. Database Entries 

Virtual assistants can transform raw data into a handy chart for your PowerPoint presentation or they can update information for existing contacts.

Be upfront about your expectations and make sure the virtual assistant has experience so they’re less likely to make mistakes. When data is summarized in an easy-to-digest way, it’ll save time in team meetings and makes your message far clearer.

6. Social Media Management 

Research found 73% of marketers believe their social media marketing efforts have been “somewhat” or “very effective” for their business.

Social media is where customers engage with your business so it’s important you remain present and reply to queries quickly. 

Outsource your social media management needs to your virtual assistant if you’re swamped. Ask them to share content on your social media accounts, engage with your online community, and analyze statistics so you know which methods are converting best.

7. Online Research 

A successful marketing strategy is based on in-depth research. 

Because of this, you need a reliable virtual assistant who has experience researching and data crunching. They must analyze consumer trends, keep track of competitor’s products, and find new ways to further your reach.

8. Customer Service

One of the best ways a virtual assistant can aid your business is acting as a customer service representative.

Customer service is based on addressing concerns that can easily be answered by a manual. It’s important to give your virtual assistant a list of frequent complaints or FAQs so they can answer a wide range of questions.

9. Email Management 

It’s predicted that 121 business emails are sent and received each day.

A flooded inbox is overwhelming especially when you have more important things to do. To save time, outsource email management to your virtual assistant so they can sift through your emails to find crucial ones, answer job inquiries, and organize your inbox. 

Remember to show your virtual assistant how to pick out important emails to prevent any mistakes.

10. Recruitment 

Instead of spending days hunting for candidates, find a virtual assistant with HR experience to help with the recruitment process.

For instance, virtual office assistants can craft job descriptions and screen candidates via a phone call. This will save your business valuable time and money while hiring a recruitment specialist.

That’s Why You Should Hire a Virtual Office Assistant

Now you know the benefits of hiring a virtual office assistant and the many roles they can take.

Virtual assistants help you create content, manage emails, create a social marketing campaign, and find potential employees. Plus, they’re far more productive than full-time employees. Good luck!

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