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5 Rules for Writing Catchy Email Subject Lines

How is your email marketing campaign looking? Are all of your emails going unread, leading to no new conversions or visits from the customers that you already know and love?

This is unfortunately the fate of many ineffective email campaigns. Informative and valuable newsletters that provide value are important, but catchy email subject lines are the real hook that can reel your subscribers in. 

Not sure how to make those subject lines? We want to give you some advice. Keep reading for the top rules for writing a subject line that’s sure to pique your subscribers’ interests. 

1. Get Personal

Aren’t you caught a bit off-guard when an email has your name in it? When you see that little email notification on your screen, your name automatically draws your eye. It’s personal to you!

You can code your email system so that it picks out the first, or first and last, name of your customer to include them in the email subject line or intro. 

This can be surprising enough to have someone click without even thinking about what the email is. Bonus: Your customers feel seen when you use their names! 

2. Let Them Know There Are Goodies Inside

Who wants to open another newsletter with nothing to offer? A value-less email is a faux pas, amongst some others of these mistakes to avoid

You might have great things in there, like free recipes, a discount code, or even a free item or e-book, but if you don’t make that clear in your subject line, your subscribers are not going to be interested.

Don’t just flash a number or “FREE” sign at them either. Include it in an organic way that still seems fun. For example, do you get more out of “15% Off: Open And See” or “Hey, Doesn’t 15% Off Sound Awesome?”

3. Imply Urgency

This brings us to urgency. Are you more likely to open an email when it seems like it needs to be read right now

You can imply urgency in your emails without making them annoying or stressful. This is great when used in conjunction with letting your customers know that there’s a “prize” inside. 

How does this sound? “Psst, 10% Off for the Next 2 Hours!”

Let your subscribers know that there’s something at stake if they don’t open the email right now.

4. Use Friendly Language

What do our suggested prompts have in common? They’re adding a friendly element that makes your subscriber feel like “part of the club”.

This will vary depending on the industry. Some businesses don’t need that informal language, but many can benefit from making their subscribers feel more “at home” in the email list. 

Don’t make your email titles cold and over-professional. Eye-catching titles have fun elements that feel like a friend is writing them. Bonus: This can build brand trust!

5. Don’t Use Too Many Words

Your email subject lines shouldn’t be too long. Your subscribers only have so much of an attention span, and while they may see your long headline standing out in the crowd, they may not be happy to see a subject line that they have to click to see in its entirety.

Email fatigue will mean that they don’t click at all. 

Do You Use Catchy Email Subject Lines? 

Catchy email subject lines don’t have to be witty and clever, they just need to reel your customer in so they open up and visit your site. 

Where are you falling short? It’s time to make some edits and watch your email campaign shine. 

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