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Brace Yourself: 5 Creative Dental Blog Post Ideas to Keep Your Content Fresh

As a dentist, you have a lot on your plate. You have to oversee your practice and make sure that your patients are getting the best care. You have to come up with creative dental content ideas, too.

Content is how you’ll have new patients find you. More and more, people are looking online to find services, locally. That includes dentists. You’re going to need to up your content and SEO game if you want to beat your competition. 

At the root of great SEO is great content. Your dental practice can grow, and you’ll always have a steady stream of new patients.  

Read on to find out why good content matters and how creative content can help your practice be successful.

Why Do You Need Creative Content?

It’s possible that you think that creative content isn’t necessary. You just need a basic website, list your services, and you fully expect that people will find your website and they’ll book an appointment.

That’s not how things online work when it comes to SEO. You can have a basic website, but the odds that people are going to find your site are slim. If you’re not in the first few listings when they perform a search, they won’t click through to your website. 

You already have every dentist in your area competing for the same keywords. They’ll try “dentist near me” or “dentist in [any location].”

Trying to compete for these keywords isn’t impossible, but it can take up a lot of resources. You can invest in PPC ads to get to the top of search results, but that can cost a lot of money.

Creative content can help you work around those keywords. What are common tooth-related issues that people have before visiting the dentist? Usually, they have a toothache of some kind or they’re due for a dental cleaning.

You can create content around these and other ideas. These are things most dentists in your area aren’t competing for. You have a better chance at ranking highly for these search terms. Here’s what else good content does for your practice.

Creative Dental Content Builds Relationships

Content also builds relationships with patients. People tend to shop around before they settle on a dentist. They’ll look online, visit a few websites, and read reviews.

They’ll look a few more times before they decide to book an appointment. Having your creative dental content front and center can help potential patients get to know your practice better.

That will improve the chances that they’ll book an appointment.

Creative Dental Content Ideas that Will Blow Patients Away

One of the reasons why people don’t generate content on a consistent basis is that they think they don’t know what to write about. You can brainstorm ideas all day, but with these ideas, content will come easily.

1. Take the Fear Out of Going to the Dentist

Most people have some fear around going to the dentist. A small percentage of the population have an outright phobia. 

You can ease those fears by giving people a behind the scenes look at what really happens at a dentist appointment.

Most people show up, sit in a chair and wait. The dental hygienist will do some work. Then they’ll disappear for a bit. The dentist shows up, does a little work and that’s usually it.

What happens during all that waiting time?

2. How to Take Care of Your Teeth

You can use these types of articles to target specific problems. Your blog posts can show people how to floss properly or how to brush properly.

You can also do a post on common reasons for tooth pain and when they should see a dentist.

Another way you can show your expertise is to write about braces and the different types of braces. You can read more about that to get an idea of how this practice does that. 

3. Staff Stories

People are at the heart of your practice. Your office staff and your patients have a unique connection. Telling stories about your staff can deepen that connection and help patients identify with your staff on a personal level.

That can create better relationships and loyal patients.

4. Community Involvement

Another way to inspire faith and confidence in patients and potential patients alike is to show how you’re involved in the community.

You can do a blog post about participating in a 5K or supporting a charity event in your town. Community involvement shows people that you are working to make a difference in the lives of your patience and the community around you.

Giving back to the community shows that you appreciate the support from your patients and you value where you live and work.

5. Patient Stories

Just like staff stories create a connection, so do patient stories. Especially for people visiting your site for the first time and looking for a new dentist, they want to know that people before them have had great results.

These people are examples to others. You can show before and after pictures of a whitening procedure. You can tell potential patients about the emotional journey that your current patients have gone through.

They showed up scared of the dentist and low on confidence because they didn’t like their smile. They started working with you and you completely turned things around for them. They received incredible care that put them at ease. Plus, their smile is amazing.

That kind of story is so powerful because you’re showing results for a common problem.

Creative Content Matters

You’re busy running your practice. You have a lot of things on your plate, and you probably don’t want to deal with coming up with content ideas.

It cannot be stressed what creative dental content can do for your practice. If you have a desire to grow your practice, you should invest the time and resources to create content that people can relate to. That will help you build long term relationships with your patients and increase your chances to be found online.

With those things happen for your practice, you have a recipe for successful practice. If you’d like more great tips to run your practice, check out this marketing guide just for dentists.