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A Pain-Free Guide to Digital Marketing for Dentists

Good news for dentists! Experts note steady growth, with the industry growing 2.5% within the United States.

And though that same report notes the industry is currently worth over $134 billion, many dentists are noticing emptier offices and fewer calls.

How can that be if the industry is growing at such a steady pace?

It all comes down to marketing. Though the industry is still growing, social media and other digital marketing platforms have made the dental industry more competitive.

To compete, you’ll have to be smart, effective, and know how to best reach your customers. Here’s a quick guide on digital marketing for dentists to help get you started.

The Best Digital Marketing Is Natural

While digital marketing can seem intimidating, the best marketing tactics require more personality than business prowess.

Yes, things like SEO and content scheduling are important facets, too. But the best types of marketing rely on marketing, not sales tactics.

Indeed, your customers would far rather you write from the heart than come across as stuffy or corporate. Furthermore, your goal is to inspire consumer trust.

As a result, you should always aim to make your content as light, fun, and natural as possible. Simply put: be yourself.

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, it’s what customers want. In fact, 63% of your customers want you to treat them as a friend.

Make sure your marketing comes across as conversational. Content isn’t as passive as many people think, so leave room for interaction.

Your Reputation Precedes You

A practice’s reputation matters now more than ever. An estimated 84% of your patients will use a review of your business to decide between you and the competition.

Make sure your patients have plenty of resources to talk about your business.

Review sites are a great way to encourage discussion of your brand, as well as gauge your public perception.

Read these reviews and learn from them. Moreover, make an effort to respond as much as possible. Remember, audiences want to interact with their brands.

A quick response to a customer’s complaint can turn a bad situation around in a few sentences.

Solve Patients’ Problems

Above all else, great content should help the audience. Be thoughtful in your content creation and consider the types of things your audience would like to read about.

Many people have a fear of the dentist, for instance. Writing about how to get over that fear or walking them through a common procedure is a great way to offer your audience value.

Finding a balance can be tough, so read a few dental blogs to help mold your voice.

This orthodontics office in Pasadena, for example, does a great job of blending friendly tone with strong copy. Their posts aren’t too long, they’re easy to scan, and readers come away having learned something.

Digital Marketing for Dentists Matters Now More Than Ever

Digital marketing for dentists is perhaps the most important part of practice growth in today’s social media-driven age.

Whether you’re already doing well or you’re struggling to bring in new patients, these tips can bring in business and grow your online audience.

If you’re looking to promote your brand or want to see what others are doing, check out our social media forums and sign up for a free account!